10 Great Business Ideas For 2014 ? Part 1: The H?vdinghelmet

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1-10BizideasProsperity is the name of the game this 2014 and there is no better way to achieve this than by starting your own business. Of course, it is easier said than done as many business plans and ideas don’t proceed as we had hoped for (flashback to failed start-ups of 2013). However, to help us get started on the right foot, here is Part 1 of a series on great business ideas to inspire us with our own ?Aha? moments for 2014.


1) The Ultimate Bike Helmet : Fashionable, Invisible, yet wraps like an Airbag!


Cycling in the city, whether as a sport, exercise, or to get to where one is going has taken people’s interest on a global scale. Some countries have been able to establish a bike-friendly environment while many places are still considered dangerous to 11-10Bizideasthe life and limb of those who opt to travel by bike.

Sweden, who has been in the forefront of promoting cycling as the preferred mode of transportation has once again taken the lead in solving one of the most feared ( and often fatal) situations in cycling ? the head injury caused by accidents.

Of course, there have been countless protection gear / helmets that have tried to remove this type of danger for cyclists. But, the lack of a design that would give maximum protection to its user, as well as encouraging cyclists to always wear a helmet (to the detriment of their hairstyle) have not eradicated this quandary.

Until now.

12-10BizideasEnter the H?vdinghelmet. This contraption is in essence, an airbag for cyclists. The H?vdinghelmet, when activated during an accidental crash (pretty much like an airbag in an automobile), inflates and covers most of the head and facial area. Although the protection it provides cannot guarantee absolute protection, it provides so much more coverage than what is protected by any regular cycling or bike helmet.

And what is more amazing with the H?vdinghelmet is it is comfortable and ?.invisible. Yes, invisible in the sense that it does not cover any part of the head but is worn around the neck like a scarf or a fashion accessory.

The H?vdinghelmet is currently available for ordering online at http://www.hovding.com/en/ , and such an amazing idea come alive is surely a good way for us to feel inspired and to come up with our very own wonder product for 2014.

Watch out for more great ideas such as these…. a face recognition payment system, a shopping cart aid that provides recipes, 3D printing for the visually challenged and many more…..here at The Bitbag:





















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