10 Cloverfield Lane BIG Spoilers–Why I?m Angry (And Possibly Other Fans)

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We now know that 10 Cloverfield Lane isn?t the sequel to Cloverfied, J.J Abrams? 2008 blockbuster thriller. It isn?t even a ?blood relative? as the filmmaker wanted us to believe last month in an interview with Fandango. No JJ. Because if it is, that makes all other alien movies and Kiaju flicks cousins to 10 Cloverfield Lane.

So what gives? Obviously, everything is just a marketing ploy (which isn?t in the industry?) But,boy, how we fell for it, or at least fans have had hoped that Abrams had a genuine article up his sleeves. If you?re a Clovie fan, you?ll get my drift. I can see your disappointment, too, after the producer had played around your naiveness, almost poking fun at the trust that you?ve given Abrams to make Cloverfield successful. Where?s the cheese in this cheeseburger? Calm down, it?s Hollywood, not a relationship.

I?m angry not at Abrams, but for forgetting he?s a Hollywood film producer making Hollywood movies marketed by Hollywood.

So, after recovering from the initial shock of not being shocked that this isn?t Cloverfield, I thought 10 Cloverfield Lane is one helluva of a thriller that reminded me why I love JJ Abrams (not to take away credits from directors Matt Reeves and Dan Trachtenberg). Like in Cloverfield, the fear factor in the new movie is at its peakest not at seeing the creature, but at the anticipation of seeing it. Let?s not go into details and spoil the whole movie, but the film was impressive at overlaying fear elements on top of each other: Writers Matthew Stuecken and Josh Campbell did a creative approach toying with your fear. You don?t know which to fear first: the creatures roaming above ground; a chemically charged atmosphere; or ?the real agenda of Howard (John Goodman). You?re left joggling one fear after another, and that in itself makes you more anxious.

Now, can we get a sequel soon?

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