10 Cheap yet Awesome Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

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In case you haven?t noticed, love is in the air and boy you have to plan ahead. Valentine?s day is just around the corner and your girlfriend is excited to know what you have in store.

However, there might be the occasional ?it?s Valentine?s day and oh my God, I?m totally broke? scenario. We might not wish to be cheap on Valentine?s date but sometimes it?s just Valentine?s day or what?s left on our wallet.

Valentine?s date night ideas don?t have to be fancy or expensive. It?s a day where you express your love without totally burning a hole in your pocket. A great movie would be nice, but are you sure you want to fight your way through hordes of other couples in the movie theatre? Not only would it be very inconvenient, but having seats at the far edge of the theatre will totally ruin the movie for you. If you want something lovely (and cheap) at the same time, we?ve got some ideas that might totally work for you.

  1. Fancy Inexpensive dinner: A good way to lighten up the mood and move the relationship to the next level is by inviting her to dinner. Although, you might be one of the 62 percent of men who think it?s just a Hallmark holiday, 55 percent of the women?s population disagree. Invite her to for dinner and mix up some Valentine’s Day cocktails, and if it goes well, suggest a sleepover at home. Please make sure you prepared some wine and roses! Or get her something from an array of unique but not too expensive Valentine’s Day gifts.
  2. Netflix Date: Is your favorite Saturday activity catching up on your favorite shows with your loved one? Order some takeout from your favorite restaurant and try to finish a new TV series in one night. You might have to stay up late or until morning, but that’s part of the fun! Order some cheeseburgers, Mexican food, pizza, or any other food you both love. You can also get some cake or some donuts from your favorite bakery or your favorite ice cream flavor from the grocery store. You’ll spend the whole night eating and cuddling. Who doesn?t want great food and some cuddles?

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