1 vs 100 Release Date Set for 31/12/09

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1 vs 100 is set to launch December 31st this year and we’re all in for a treat! I’ve been playing in the 1 vs 100 Canadian beta for 2 weeks, and boy I’ve been having a blast! For those of you who have seen the game show on T.V you will be at home, but for those who haven’t allow me to explain. The game consists of the crowd, the mob and the one; all of these positions are picked at random minus the fact that you need to have a high answer accuracy to be a part of the mob or the one. As the one your job is to take out players of the mob, the more you take out the more money (MS points) you receive. After a certain number of mob members are kicked the co-host will ask the one to take the money or to continue, this goes on until you defeat the mob or answer incorrectly. As the mob your sole objective is to stay in the mob, if you do you will split the money the one made and get a free XBLA title. Now as the crowd you’re not just any old regular audience, you play too! The 3 crowd members with the highest point totals at the end of the game receive a free XBLA title. Now that your filled in on all this excitement I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I have when December rolls in.

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