?Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall Program Saw Many Fraudulent Attempts To Get A New Device

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall program came at just the right time. Sure, it did cost the company billions of dollars. However, the prompt decision made by Samsung helped save the reputation of the company. Anyone familiar with the business environment will vouch for the fact that the prompt decision of owning up to the unfortunate mistake will help Samsung in the long run.

Nevertheless, some Galaxy Note 7 buyers apparently tried to con the South Korean tech giant with false reports. About 26 false cases of customers complaining about the Note 7 catching fire was reported from the time Samsung started this program.

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Samsung recalled about 1 million Galaxy Note 7 units in the U.S. Out of this big number, nine fraudulent cases have reportedly been identified.

In South Korea, three such cases were reported, while France saw two such reports. The UK, Canada, Singapore, Philippines, Turkey, Vietnam, Croatia, Romania, Iraq, Lebanon, the UAE, and the Czech Republic contributed to a false case each,?ZDNet noted.

Samsung solved the 12 bogus claims by pointing out that there was really no issue with the devices returned to them. Hence, those devices will not be eligible for a replacement or repair.

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In addition, Samsung was not able to reach or contact the owners of seven such fraudulent cases. The other seven reports involved customers reversing their claims and in some cases they even informed the company that they threw the device away.

Interestingly, some Galaxy Note 7 owners tried to get a handset from Samsung by sending them images of already exploded units, sourced online. Some apparently said they cannot show the proof because the device exploded and they threw it away, and never bothered to pick it up.

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In any case, these incidents show the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall program has not been easy for the company or its employees. While most cases are genuine, there are some people that tried their level best to swindle Samsung.

Resumption Of Note 7 Sales

Samsung has already started shipping the Galaxy Note 7 in the U.S. and several other markets. The original package of the device should have “S” marking to indicate ?Safe?.

To top it off, the battery indicators on the screen will be green instead of white. The regular sales will apparently recommence on September 28.

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