Yuri On Ice Merchandise Pre-Order: Get A Chance To Smell Like The “Scent Of Love”!

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You would think that Japanese fans? obsession over a particular person, event or even an anime would have its limits. Well, think again. Japan has released a new line of Yuri on Ice merchandise for fans to enjoy.

While the hype for the anime is still there, an online retail shop in Japan known as ?Cozy Wave? are now accepting pre-orders for Yuri on Ice merchandise. If you are thinking of items such as blu-ray DVDs, Nendroids, action figures or body pillows, then you are way off line. These new items are for a more intimate use.

By this, we mean items that are included in the ?personal care” category. You read it right: Yuri on Ice now has an official scent that fans can buy online and apply on their bodies for daily use.

There?s a total of three items that the anime hit series is offering. All of these items follow the ?scent of love” fragrance with a floral accent. The abovementioned scent was conceptualized in relation to the episode of Yuri on Ice wherein Yuri Katsuki announced that the theme he chose for his free program is ?Love (Eros)?.

The items that are for pre-order are body soap, hand cream, and fabric mist. Each item will feature three scents which are Yurio, Viktor and Yuri.

With the body soap and hand cream, fans can apply their favorite skater?s scent on their skin. Meanwhile, the fabric mists help in deodorizing and eliminate bacterias on clothes, fabrics and even around the house.

Each item is worth ?927, which is roughly around US$9. Cozy Wave will be accepting pre-orders until December 9. After that, the regular selling of the products will start around January 2017.

So if you know someone who is a die-hard fan of Yuri on Ice and you still haven?t bought a gift for them, this would be the perfect Christmas present for him or her.

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