The Legend of The Blue Sea Rips Off Sherlock? Viewers Grill The K-Drama

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The Legend of The Blue Sea

The Legend of the Blue Sea is SBS? latest fantasy drama ready to wow the world. It had made its debut last November 16 and had some pretty positive reviews. It probably helped that Lee Min-ho and several other big industry stars are part of it.

Legend of the Blue Sea has the makings to be a big K-drama. However, quite a number of viewers have found some several similar plot points between the drama and Sherlock, which in turn have made many to grill the show on the spot.

Sherlock of The Blue Sea

Lee Min-ho is the star of the show as he portrays a sly conman. He is joined by a mermaid who appears to be the last of her kind, played by Jun Ji-hyun. Although the roles of these characters are very different from Sherlock from every logical angle, the problem arises in their portrayal.

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Lee Min-ho portrays the conman as a great profiler of people. What?s eerie is, this conman is portrayed in a way that is too similar to Benedict Cumberbatch?s Sherlock. One is a conman and another is a detective, but with the uncanny similarities, many viewers voiced out some pretty negative comments on the matter.

Some netizens even took the time to point out that the text overlays used by the show during the scenes of different parts of people?s body?s was also very similar to Sherlock. People are calling out the show for flat out copying some of Sherlock?s iconic scenes.

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The show?s writer is Park Ji-eun and this case of possible plagiarism isn?t the first. Back in 2004, the writer was also accused of plagiarizing content before. The show in question was ?You Who Come from the Stars? and he was accused of plagiarizing several instances from the American show ?New Amsterdam.?

The show is still relatively new, and many episodes are set to come out as the weeks past. We?ll know soon enough just how much of Sherlock was possibly copied by Park Ji-eun. But whether content was copied or not, Legend of the Blue Sea may already be set to be one of the best K-dramas to date.

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