#OS X Lion

Everything You Need To Know About iOS 5

    We’ve seen the iPhone 4S, we’ve talked about Wall Street being unimpressed with the announcement, now it’s time to look at the software and...

The Lion, The Myth and Adobe

The ongoing public bickering between Apple and Adobe only continues to grow it seems. Last Friday (July 22nd) Adobe posted a bulletin of known issues between its products and Apple’s latest operating system, Lion. It seems many took this as a sign of Apple trying to kill off Adobe and Flash from the desktop scene as is the case with their iPad/iPhone/iPod products.

OS X Lion Ships July 20th

During today’s Apple Earnings call Apple went on record with the news that OS X Lion will be available tomorrow July 20th...

Apple’s OS X Lion Update

Amongst all the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) press conferences and electronics coverage, Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference, stubbornly demanded the attention of the technology industry yesterday. Apple kicked things off with Senior Vice President of Product Marketing Phil Schiller showcasing OS X Lion.