ExerBeat Review

I still remember when the box came in the mail that had ExerBeat for the Wii in it. I did not know...

Video Game Warzone #116

Download Music: Space Battleship Yamato BGM “Scarlet Scarf (Ending Theme)” Killzone 3 beta DMC collection Ridge Racer E3 committee making it difficult...

Review: Namco Museum Megamix

Namco Museum Megamix is an updated version of the previously released Namco Museum Remix for the Nintendo Wii. Retailing for only $19.99,...

Review: Time Crisis Razing Storm

Just when you thought light gun games would be no more, Sony's Playstation Move and Time Crisis Razing Storm has inadvertently resurrected a old school genre.

UK Charts: Medal of Honor in at No1

Looks like the mediocre reviews haven’t stopped the English from buying Medal of Honor, the game went straight in at number 1 on this week’s UK chart. EA’s shooter knocked Fifa 11 to No2, which ended its two week rain at No1.

Preview: Enslaved

Ninja Theory and Namco Bandai bring us Enslaved, a post-apocalyptic retelling of the classic 400-year old novel ‘Journey to the West’. Set...


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