Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters: Pikachu and Co-star in the Cutest Animated Shorts

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Another surprise was made following Nintendo’s success with their new Pokemon Sun and Moon release. The Pokemon official Twitter account released several animated shorts. This is to showcase what each and every one of the Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters can do. Players, have you chosen yours already?

On November 22, the said Twitter account released a video starring Pikachu, Popplio, Litten and Rowlet. The 10-second short animation featured these four after Pikachu sets a camera and tries to snap a selfie. The three Pokemon Sun and Moon starters then jump into the scene to join Pikachu’s selfie.

Here’s the video:


The released short animation appeared to be a teaser for the account’s subsequent posts. On November 24, Pokemon’s account tweeted a short animation featuring one of the Pokemon Sun and Moon in-game basic characters. Each video simulated the elemental attributes of the three characters. They released a total of seven short animation to date.

The video on November 24 was captioned “Pokemon: Always prepared for anything!”. This featured Litten, a fire cat Pokemon. Litten was seen providing the fire the gang needs, without exerting much effort.

Here’s the video below:

The next Pokemon Sun and Moon starters featured on November 25th’s video was Popplio, our Sea Lion Pokemon. This water type was seen playing with Pikachu.

Watch more below:

For November 26th’s animation, Pikachu was seen sneaking behind Rowlet, the Grass Quill Pokemon.

Also?see below:

On November 27, the account focused on each starter’s elemental skill and attribute. The video was captioned “Meet Litten: Fire-type starter Pokemon and problem solver! #TeamLitten”. Let’s watch it below:

The video was followed featuring Popplio’s water and circus abilities!

And finally, compatibility of the elements was shown in the last short animation released on November 29.

Have you decided one who you?ll choose among the Pokemon Sun and Moon starters? Seems like?we’ll want to catch ’em all! But be careful not to drown with all that Pokemon cuteness!

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