Pokemon Stars Brings Kanto Into Gen 7?

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Shortly after the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon last month, Nintendo announced that they weren?t done with gen 7 just yet. The company said that a third entry, Pokemon Stars, will be coming to the Nintendo Switch. The third entry is expected to expand on the foundation of the first two titles and make it a whole lot better. Fans are wondering what the post game content will be, but we might have a clue on the direction Nintendo?s headed.

Pokemon Sun and Moon introduced a lot of new features to the series. One of the core features of the game is that it was the first to introduce regional versions of past Pokemon with Alola form. The Alola form Pokemon included Meowth, Persian, Exeggutor, Rattata, Raticate and many more. The bottomline is that all of the Pokemon came from gen 1 and the Kanto region.

More Kanto References

Moreover, Red and Blue were part of the Battle Tree and this serves as another call out to the first game and the Kanto region. There are other references to the Kanto region aside from these two. The protagonist, his mother and Professor Kukui all came from Kanto region.

With all the references to the first gen, it feels like Game Freak is preparing a trip to Kanto when Pokemon Stars arrives. The protagonist?s mother also mentioned one time that going back to Kanto wouldn?t be a problem.

Game Freak had been pretty active in bringing back gen 1 content this year. In fact, the first games were even released on the 3DS via the Virtual Console. Seeing the players travelling to Kanto in the third game shouldn?t be too surprising now as it?s going to be good fan service. Additionally, Game Freak will want to have a huge post-game content for the third title, so the Kanto region feels just about right.

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