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Pokemon GO Christmas Event: Realistic Predictions For December Update

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Pokemon GO Christmas Event

December is finally here. And, with it, it means that the holidays are just around the corner. This is an exciting time for everyone, particularly Pokemon GO players. They are particularly excited at the possible Pokemon GO Christmas Event that could happen. This has been in the rumors for some time. But, Niantic Labs has not really given a concrete idea as to what they are planning to do. Many gamers though have their own suggestions and some have posted their ideas online.

Niantic Labs has been very busy as of late as the game developer recently planned several events for Pokemon GO. This time, everyone is looking forward to the possible Pokemon GO Christmas event. This is because Christmas is certainly the next big holiday worldwide.

Pokemon GO Christmas Event Predictions


So far, here are just some of the realistic predictions that Niantic Labs could go with for the upcoming Pokemon GO Christmas Update.

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  • Holiday Hi-Jynx ? One realistic prediction that could be included in the upcoming Christmas Pokemon GO Update could involve the Pokemon Jynx. This is because of a holiday episode of the Pokemon anime wherein Jynx made a notable appearance as Santa?s helper. With Pokemon GO sometimes adding Easter eggs based on the animated series, this is one big possibility for the Holiday update.
  • 12 Days of Christmas ? Another very cool idea which has been shared on TheSilphRoad SubReddit is a Pokemon GO 12 Days of Christmas. The post was made by Reddit user fhod_dj_x and suggested that Niantic Labs have 12 different special daily events. This is based on based on the popular Christmas carol. This is certainly a very interesting idea and could very well be something close to what Niantic Labs has in store.

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  • Double XP Bonus ? A?double XP bonus for a week of Christmas is almost a certainty at this point. This is just?like the Halloween and the Thanksgiving Pokemon GO events. This is what helps attract many Pokemon GO players to play the game during the event and it will likely be the same for the Christmas event too.

What Are Your Predictions?

So, what do you think the Pokemon GO Christmas event will be like? Be sure to share us your ideas in the comments below.

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