No Man?s Sky Freighters: Easy Money Tricks To Buy Freighters

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No Man?s Sky freighters

Do you want to buy No Man?s Sky freighters, but the cost is stopping you from doing so? Here?s a trick that can help you get the money to buy the expensive freighters faster than you imagine. The freighters come handy when it comes to transporting your resources. The craft can also be customized to perform several tasks. So here?s how you can earn millions in No Man?s Sky quickly. Just follow these steps.

The method involves farming a material called Mordite. To find it, you need to check the animal corpse when they are killed by laser. If you don?t want to do that, just grow it in a plant called Carrion Root. Now that you?re growing Mordite, make sure you convert it into Lubricant. 560 units of Mordite can be converted into 39,000 units.

So now you can start growing Mordite because its spawn time is shorter than the other similar minerals when grown. Forbes‘ Paul Tassi?said, ?With each plant producing 20-25 Mordite, I am getting almost 1,000 Mordite every six minutes. That?s 25 Lubricants sold for a total of 975,000 units/credits.?

This is a pretty big amount that you can earn for purchasing No Man?s Sky freighters. There are undoubtedly many other ways to make money, but it seems that this is one of the fastest ways to earn units fast in No Man?s Sky. There are chances that the developer might want to fix this by bringing balancing changes as this will certainly lead players to purchase freighters faster than Hello Games expected.

If someone focuses well on farming, they can do a lot more. However, the process will not give you everything in one shot, but overall, all you need to do is grow a material, harvest it, convert it into something that pays really big and buy whatever you want.

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