Miranda Lambert New Album is Best Revenge to Blake Shelton Split

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Miranda Lambert

They say that people who are heartbroken can make a beautiful song about their pain. Miranda Lambert may have taken that saying too seriously.

Subsequent to Miranda Lambert?s grief-stricken split with country singer, Blake Shelton, she released her breakup album which closes all the issues that still revolve around the ex-lovers.

One song might not be enough for Miranda Lambert to express her pain about their break-up. I mean, a break-up album? Still, after what happened between the two, it?s quite understandable.

Truth be told, Miranda Lambert?s album entitled The Weight of These Wings is definitely what broken hearted girls out there should buy. But what does musicians Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have to say about her album?

Lambert?s The Weight of These Wings Album Compared to Stefani?s No Doubt Album

According to an inside source of the In Touch Weekly, Gwen Stefani?s No Doubt Album just has to be ?devastated? about the release of Miranda?s latest masterpiece.

Miranda Lambert

Even if Miranda Lambert is obviously happy about her life right now with Anderson East, the painful split of Lambert and Shelton is obviously still affecting the public.

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With the sympathy pouring over Miranda Lambert, news have been pretty hard on Shelton and Stefani.

The Inquisitr says that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani?s albums are just not matching up with Lambert?s The Weight of these Wings Album. News also said that the album will be a ?constant reminder? of Blake?s prior affair with another woman.

However, news also says that Miranda Lambert doesn?t want to add to the buzz that?s been going around about her new album. She also says that she wants the music to speak for her.

How Are All The Issues Affecting Lambert?s Album?

With the issues regarding Shelton and Lambert?s split still going around, and of course, the fact that Lambert created beautiful music in her album The Weight of these Wings, we can all expect success for Miranda Lambert.

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Good music, plus good publicity is bigger sales after all. Miranda Lambert is definitely a winner in her latest album, albeit the fact that Lambert still doesn?t want to comment about what ?inspired? her. We can say that it?s just common sense where she?s getting it from.

We?re all just happy that both couples, Miranda Lambert and Anderson East, and Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani, are having the time of their lives being with someone they love.

Miranda Lambert?s latest album The Weight of These Wings is currently out in the market.

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