Marvel Future Fight Yellowjacket Marvel Now Guide: How To Effectively Use The Upgraded Tier-2 Character

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A new uniform has been revealed for our Yellowjacket hero. Since this hero recently has been upped to tier-2, he is slowly being recognized by players. This Marvel Future Fight Yellow Jacket guide will help you figure out how to make him more battle ready.

Similar to Ironman’s attacks, we can state that Marvel Future Fight Yellowjacket has blasts and energy attacks that deal massive damage. The good thing about this is that he has longer flying time and double the energy power, making him a “better” version of the Iron suit.

But remember that this hero is all about damage. He is a great frontliner but is not that good on defense or even self healing. So, it is better to be alert with your health gauge at all times. This Marvel Future Fight guide will also give a quick look on all his skills.

Skills and Skill Rotation

His passive skill is “Bounce Back” which will be activated if his HP is below 30%. This skill will automatically give him an all attack increase and a higher critical rate.

The active attacks called “Stinger” and “Flying Barrage” (first and second skill respectively) which will increase his energy attack. His third and fourth skill called “Now You See Me” and “Swarm Shot” also deals major energy damage to your targets.

“Fear of the Sting” is his leadership skill that deals damage to his enemies and at the same time stun them. His newest addition using his uniform bonus will further allow him to increase his damage to all HERO type enemies.

The best skill rotation is to use his last skill first. They follow it up with his fifth and then first skill. Reserve his third skill so that you can use his iframes to escape enemies.

This ends our Marvel Future Fight Yellowjacket guide. If you plan to use him, just make sure to be wary of your stats during the game. Don’t go on an all out frenzy attack that might cost you your victory.

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