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Marvel Future Fight Update: Five New Characters This December?

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The latest Marvel future Fight update has already teased two yet to be revealed characters for their upcoming December event. Also, the team behind Netmarble has confirmed with their latest photos that it will be an Asgardian themed major update. But is there still more to this?

Reddit user antm9523? speculates why the next Marvel Future Fight update would introduce more than five characters. First off, let?s cross out the two obvious giveaways. One is the first teaser character that looks like Unworthy Thor that was validated with the recent reveal of his armor and weapon. The second is the newest mystery character that resembles the god hero Odin. The chance of the second character being Odin is also highly possible since the upcoming event theme will be Asgardian.

Possibly 6 Heroes

So who are the remaining ?three other heroes and why a total of five characters? According to antm9523, the three heros is in relation to the two new screenshots given by Netmarble. These are the areas of Asgard and Muspelheim.

The post stated that ?About the new missions, from the screenshot we saw with Black Bolt we know that Asgard will be Chapter 12 and Muspelheim will most likely be Chapter 11. Now if these missions are set up exactly like the Agents of Shield missions, that means that we will be getting 16 new missions.?

So the theory goes out ?that we will at least get 5 new characters with 3 missions each in chapter 11 & 12 plus an extra Thor mission?. It further states that ?if Odin is a separate character from the missions then that means that we will be getting 6 characters in the upcoming update.?

It is possible that the heroes are Angela, Jane Foster or Destroyer. Others think that they could be the Warriors Three-Hogun, Fandral and Volstagg. Some even think they could be Beta Ray Bill, Valkyrie and Heimdall.

This is a good theory to fantasize about for the upcoming Marvel Future Fight update. Since they are going to make a major patching for the Asgardian theme, why not make it star studded with heroes.

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