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Marvel Future Fight Update 2.8: Patch Notes Reveals Personalized Uniforms, 3 New Characters, And More!

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The latest Marvel Future Fight update has brought more that what we were expecting. Not only will players get the chance to see the three new female characters, but they’ll also have new sets of uniforms to collect.

As previously discussed in the article regarding the Unworthy Thor and Modern Sif uniform guide, we can clearly see how important uniforms are to any of the games heroes. That is why fans are always looking forward to new unis every Marvel Future Fight update. This time around, the team from Netmarble not only gave us a new batch of uniforms but also made some major adjustments on how to personalize it.

Personalized Uniform

This function will allow you to customize your uniform’s abilities. In order to personalize your uniforms, you need to complete some needed requirements first. First thing you need to do is to have your uniform reach 100% EXP. The second condition you need to do is to upgrade you uniform using specific materials and a considerable amount of gold.

Aside from the abovementioned requirements, players need to rank up their uniform as well. Using your rank, you can further use additional options. This will allow you to further personalize your unis. Finally, you also need to collect other uniforms in order to upgrade your chosen one.  

New Uniforms

According to a post from Mobirum, there are a total of five uniforms included in the latest update. The first one is for Squirrel Girl which will give her additional physical damage when worn.

The second uniform is for Yellowjacket which will give him additional damage to any of his target that is a hero type. Captain America also has a new uniform that will allow him to be immune to all damages and at the same time adds a guard break effect on his “”Valor” skill.

As for the hero Hulk, we have two sets of uniforms made for him. First is the Red Hulk which allows him to recover his health by 15%. The Hulk (Amadeus Cho), on the other hand, will increase his super armor and defense when worn.

Three New Characters

Medusa is one of the new characters that will grace the Marvel app. With the power to control her hair to deal massive damage in battle, she can be one tough chick. Hawkeye is the second playable character to be added to the game. Kate Bishop specializes on accuracy and speed and can help her teammates win each battle they engage in.

The final character is Ironheart. This kid genius uses her Stark-like talent to send her foes blasting away with her energy based attacks. These are just sneak peeks of what’s to come for this new Marvel Future Fight update. 

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