Frozen 2: Queen Elsa to be First Lesbian Disney Princess?

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Is Princess Elsa a Lesbian in Frozen 2?

Fans are eagerly waiting to go back to the magical Arendelle kingdom and their wait will soon be over with the release of Frozen 2. The director Chris Bucker is planning to screen the second installment of the most favorite Disney movie of all time.

Disney even launched a short movie called Frozen Fever last year to keep its fans’ hopes up. But it seems that just a 10-minute movie was not enough for the Disney lovers. The plot of Frozen 2 is sparking a controversy on social media as Princess Elsa might be portrayed as a lesbian.

Frozen 2 Movie Plot Controversy

In the second installment, Princess Elsa and Olaf both will find their kiss of love. Olaf will be in love with a beautiful snow-woman, while Princess Elsa will be in love with a girl? This sparked a controversy amongst parents and Disney movie lovers as it is completely opposite to the Disney tradition.

Disney movies are meant to offer moral family values and good deeds to its viewers. But with the recent controversy, the movie highlights the LGBT community. It may be possible that the makers will present the Lesbian community in a good and dramatic way that sends the right message to society. Indeed, the intention of the makers are good, but still, it may create an impact on a child’s understanding of society.

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Princess Elsa to get a new voice in Frozen 2?

Besides a lady love for Princess Elsa, the makers are also planning to give the princess a new voice. Idina Menzel is getting married and in her recent interview, she briefed about her next sequel with Disney. The 45-year-old actress has said that she is only a “servant to Disney.”

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This statement has changed the view of the makers and they are now thinking of replacing Elsa’s voice with Rihanna or Taylor Swift. Apart from these two singers, Demi Lovato’s voice is also being considered. Lovato is completely similar to Menzel as she has previous experience working under the Disney Banner.

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