Buzz Aldrin Age 86, Visits The South Pole And Survives

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Buzz Aldrin age 86, was evacuated when he fell ill during his visit to the South Pole on December 1, Thursday. The former astronaut is now recovering in New Zealand after his transfer from Antarctica’s US research center called McMurdo.

Edwin Eugene Aldrin Jr., famously known as Buzz Aldrin, was with the luxury tourism host White Desert when his condition worsened. With the aide of White Desert and the US Antarctic Program, Aldrin was then initially evacuated to McMurdo. His manager, Christina Korp, stayed with him on the rest of the flight to the center.

The 86-year-old astronaut was transferred from McMurdo to a hospital in Christchurch, New Zealand to receive health examination. Despite having fluid in his lungs, Aldrin is responding positively to antibiotics. He is still in the medical facility for observation.

His manager announced on Twitter that Buzz Aldrin was recovering well.


Aldrin’s Antarctica sight-seeing trip, which was hosted by White Rabbit, was supposed to end over the week. The tourist group departed from Cape Town, South Africa on Wednesday.

The astronaut’s son, Andrew, also joined the continent’s tour. On November 29, Aldrin posted his departure photo in Facebook. “South Pole here I come!” said Buzz in his post.

“Buzz was very interested in coming because he’s obviously very interested in Mars and life on Mars and how humans might colonize and inhabit Mars in the future. Antarctica is a very interesting litmus test for living in those kinds of conditions,” White Desert Chief Executive Patrick Woodhead said.


He added, “Although he was coming as a tourist, he had lots more to it, as well – a big scientific bent to his reasons.”

The tour company has also wished a speedy recovery for Buzz.


Buzz Aldrin’s first astronaut career kicked off when he was picked to accomplish mission Gemini 9A.

Afterwards, he was chosen to be part of Apollo 11’s crew. The crew was the first to ever set foot on the moon on July 20, 1969. Neil Armstrong commandeered the mission.

Buzz Aldrin age 39 at that time, was also the first man to urinate on the Moon.

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