Brangelina Divorce: Did Angelina Jolie Cheat on Brad Pitt with Another Married Man?

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Brangelina Divorce
Angelina Jolie Cheat on Brad Pitt

Everyone was pretty shocked when the news of Brangelina divorce hit the Internet. Many couldn?t believe it at first but eventually succumbed to the heavy reality that the star studded couple are now going their separate ways.

Earliest reports entail a story of Angelina Jolie being the victim as Brad Pitt apparently committed an unforgiveable act during the marriage. With little detail to work with and the fact that the pair have kept a tight lip on the subject, many speculated that Brad Pitt most likely cheated on Angelina Jolie.

However, it appears the tables have now turned. New reports now push that Brad Pitt may just be the real victim here with Angelina ditching him for a boyfriend.

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Star magazine?s source dropped the big news that apparently, Jolie was the one who cheated on Pitt. It was detailed in the magazine that Jolie was secretly going on dates with a ?ruggedly handsome man,? who is also a rich philanthropist. It was also pointed out that the man in question was also active in similar humanitarian causes just like?Jolie.

Apparently, Jolie had bumped into the mysterious man on more than one occasion, due to their similar humanitarian causes. From there, the two eventually developed feelings for one another.

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The mysterious man in question is still a mystery. Many news outlets are making wild claims. Some even believe that the man is a billionaire, which would make the whole situation worse.


Mere speculations?

However, all the wild speculations may not be true. Gossip Cop has cracked down on the story. The site points out that the credibility of both the story and magazine are pretty poor. Plus, we have to admit that there really is very little evidence to back any of the claims.

What do you guys think? Did Angelina drop Pitt for another rich handsome man? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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