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One Direction – More Than This (Up All Night: The Live Tour)

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Earlier this year i got married in Bali, one of the most amazing places in the world.

We went from getting married at the prestigious Bvlgari Hotels in Bali to hitting the sunny shores of Waikiki beach in Hawaii for our Honeymoon.

Now when one goes on his/her honeymoon they expect the best well at least something close to the best and at the very least a pleasant experience.

We started our honeymoon at the Bvlgari spending two of the most amazing nights ever, they had the best service, the nicest people and even daily visits from the hotel manager making sure everything was up to standard.

We left Bvlgari to travel to Hawaii.

We landed in Honolulu and headed to Maui for 4 nights, staying at the Ritz Carlton.

The ritz was amazing, we were greeted and congratulated on our wedding by staff and shown to our amazing room which was upgraded. We were pleased with our first impressions and were glad we had chosen the ritz.

The rest of the stay was also amazing, we were given a complimentary bottle of French champagne to congratulate us. The staff were amazing and the place was amazing. Thank you Ritz.

We spent our lovely 4 nights in beautiful Maui and headed to Waikiki.

Upon arriving to Waikiki we jumped in our rental provided by Alamo and headed to the Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel.

At this point we didn’t think our honeymoon would get worse but boy did it get bad.

The valet staff at the Aston were kind but when checking in i felt the staff were arrogant however i got my key and proceeded to my room.

While checking in the staff asked for a credit card (naturally) and i advised them upon checkout i would like to pay for the bill with a debit card. They advised me that it was fine.

At this point i need to point out i was also advised that there was a daily room tax of $18 and $29 (or close to) for valet parking. I advised them that was fine however i wanted to pay separately.

They proceeded to put a hold on my credit card for approx $180 which i also said was fine however only wanted the one charge on the card due to international fees etc.

We proceeded to our room which we admit was clean and large (the way we wanted it)

We placed our bag in the room and proceeded out the hotel to do some shopping.

We shopped till we dropped, and i mean till we dropped. We had bags upon bags and spent a whole lot of money.

We got back to the hotel and packed away our shopping and placed all our receipts in a small bag on our desk and rubbish on the floor next to the bin. (We keep receipts to claim any taxes at the airport).

We proceeded to head to bed and we heard a large racket (talking and loud music) downstairs. There was a bar which was open till about 12-1am. It was extremely loud and we couldn’t manage to get to sleep.

I proceeded to call the hotel staff and advised them that it was really loud and if they could turn it down. The staff were extremely rude so i advised them if i could speak to a manager.

The manager on duty was nicer and advised they would change the room for us the next night.

We were woken up at 6:00am with loud music from the bar (this is where they do breakfast), i rang the front desk and complained they said that is what they do and they cant stop the music. Mind you i looked off the balcony and there was only 4 people downstairs, i mean who does breakfast from 6-9am anyway? It’s a ploy to charge you $18 per day and not get fed at breakfast.

We headed out for some breakfast and to hit the beach (after 10am)

We got back to our hotel and asked the staff at the front desk if our room was ready, the girl behind the counter was extremely rude and advised us we could move whenever we wanted.

At this point i was aggravated with their attitude however i didn’t want to let them ruin my honeymoon so i kept quiet got my new keys and proceeded to head back to my room. What i did notice while i was there was 2 other couples complaining about the loud noise both in the morning and at night.

Back at our room we found it clean however the bag of receipts were missing (the staff had thrown it away).

My argument here was the bag was onto of the desk not on the floor next to the bin so why would we want it thrown away.

I rang front desk who hung up on me when i asked where my bag was, they sent a security manager upstairs about 30 minutes later.

Now this process is long and tiring, you need to fill out a statement and wait for the lady to lodge the application.

I advised the lady we needed this processed as soon as possible. She said as it was the weekend she would process it Monday.

I rang up the Thursday to ask how everything was going and i was advised that this wasn’t processed yet. Like seriously how hard is it? They processed it after i complained and we were leaving in a few days. It was a waste of time arguing with them however i need this sorted.

We spoke to numerous staff all rude expect for the managers however they didnt really have the time for you.

I was hating this experience, we both thought all the staff were terrible and we would never stay there.

Throughout our stay the noise was still going on all night and all morning. It made us tired during the day because we didn’t sleep enough

3 days before we are set to leave this horrible place we get a call on our cell from my bank. They advised me they cancelled my credit card for suspicious activity. Now we know everything that was being charged on the account so we asked them what happened.

They advised me that the Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel was charging my credit card DAILY, like why daily? At this point the bank told us they couldn’t uncancel the card and we spent the next 3 days on $500 cash. We couldn’t do any more shopping or basically anything because our card was cancelled.

We were lucky we had $500 cash and our debit card otherwise we would have been screwed. We were more upset at this stage and i rang front desk, they were extremely rude so i proceeded downstairs and spoke to them directly.

I was talking to this man who was the biggest idiot of all, he didn’t look at me when i spoke to him and sighed everytime i would make a point.

I was right in this situation and im not one that complains all the time so show me some respect.

Room Junior Suite with King Bed and View of Diamond Head 490x269 Aston Waikiki Beach HotelI asked for the manager and he called her, while i was waiting for the manager he was approached by an older couple to which he gave them a sweet and perfect answer to, was it the fact that i was young that he didn’t want to respect me? I’m on my honeymoon with my wife im not a young kid on spring break.

The manager was also far from helpful, my card cancelled and nobody at the hotel willing to help.

The only thing i was proud of now was that they were not going to get another dime from me.

We spent most of the three days at the beach and in our room because we didn’t have the money or my card, and i blame the Aston waikiki beach for this.

I want to add that i review hotels and airlines all the time and ive stayed in about 1000 hotels and never ever have i came across a hotel that is this poorly managed or with the staff being so obnoxious.

Guys i am warning you unless you like loud music and rude people DO NOT STAY AT THE ASTON WAIKIKI BEACH HOTEL.



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minecraft tnt 490x306 Minecraft Xbox 360   TNT Bug Fix
4jStudios are working on clearing out the bedrock of a TU8 update map (in Creative Mode), using TNT to clear away rock and the large amounts of lava.

We are usually able to lay 100 or so packages of TNT before lava ignites the chain, give or take a few hundred – on sections with the lava cleared out entirely, able to set off strings of TNT the entire width of the map. It was 70% done with turning everything from layer 30 down into a single cave when we got TU9 update.

Now users are struggling to use any amount of TNT because the game seems to freeze up, stuttering and hiccuping for a matter of minutes before you get any form of control. This has been extremely frustrating for users and at times people are refusing to play at all.

While that is all happening, players joining Xbox Live are booted and unable to access the home menu, The Xbox locks up and requires a hard reboot.

We have a slight inclining that it’s the new lightning bug that is causing it however we are unable to tell.

But, if it’s lighting, then it must be lighting with the TNT itself, not just the lava – we are getting the same freeze, slowdown, almost-crash situation even when setting off as little as three TNT in a clear, open space, even when we are not even in the same part of the map with it.

We were told that the sound for TNT was changed, and that might be the problem. We tried turning off all sound effects, with no change. Setting off with a fuse of redstone wiring, same thing.

Anyway gamers, we were told that the fix is almost near with update 11 almost available.

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gta5cover2 1 490x274 GTA 5 Max Settings   16GB RAM? (PC)
Blockbuster-bound GTA V is set for Spring 2013 launch on PS3 and Xbox 360, no official words yet from Rockstar Games whether there will be a PC release or not in the future.

However, if it is, then I think it’s time to start thinking about what are the PC requirements to play on “Max” settings. We have seen the graphics and effects of GTA 5, and they’re amazing, and for the most of us, we really have no idea of what the requirements to play on “Max” settings with this latest piece by Rockstar.

If we have to make a bet, It’ll most likely be very similar to Max Payne 3?s highest tested system requirements – only differences would be the next-generation CPUs and GPUs.

So, let’s see the highest tested specs for Max Payne 3 and whether or not it would fit in with GTA 5:

Windows 7/Vista (64 bit)
Intel i7 3930K 6 Core x 3.06 GHZ or AMD FX8150 8 Core x 3.6 GHZ
16GB System RAM
NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 680 2GB RAM or AMD Radeon™ HD 7970 3GB RAM

What do you think the specs the PC version of GTA V should have? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Far Cry 3 490x316 Far Cry 3 is out of this world
The Far Cry series have never been a game I like to play, first person shooters still aren’t my favourite however Far Cry 3 steps above and beyond my expectations.

The introduction is a little slow but within minutes you are in the jungle shooting the place up, i like that, i hate the long stories some games make you watch however this is bearable.

I won’t get into a full review as i would like some more game time (even though i’ve finished it i still want to look around)

My intentions on this post are to settle the minds of everyone who didn’t like Far cry 1 or 2. This is different, this game will surprise you and you will love it.

As the title says Far Cry 3 is out of this world!

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Every year in Australia springtime means just one thing to the millions of people who like to bet on horse racing; The Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival is soon to begin!  This is the true highlight of the horse racing season in Australia and as such the very best thoroughbreds from Australia and of course the rest of the world are all present and accounted for! Indeed the Spring Carnival is really amazing and has a true carnival atmosphere even while it hosts one of Australia’s’ premier sporting events.

Sportingbet, Australia’s #1 sports betting website will be there in their premier race of course but there are also over 50 more races during the Spring carnival that occur on the various tracks all over the country.

In Flemington is the Melbourne Cup Carnival which is held over 4 days in the early part of November every year. The Melbourne Cup is the 1st Tuesday in November and is 3200 meters or 2 miles.  This race is probably the most famous in Australia.

In Caulfield the Caulfield Cup Carnival is only 3 days but just as exciting as any other for racing and betting fans. This one is held in October. 2400 meters long this race is sometimes bet on in combination with the Melbourne Cup.

One week after the Flemington carnival ends the Sandown Classic over in Sandown is held while over on Moonee Valley the WS Cox Plate is held. Both of these races are in late October / early November. The WS Cox Plate is widely recognized as the weight-fir-age championship race in Australia.

The weight-for-age races actually start sooner though when the Aurie’s Star Handicap is held while Group 1 racing starts in the middle of September when the Underwood Stakes is held at Caulfield.

No matter which of these great races or excellent Carnivals you plan to attend remember that you can bet on them all by going to Sportingbet, Australia’s #1 online sports booking agent, and place bets on every single carnival race throughout the season.