Apple AirPod Alternatives: Here Are Some of the Wireless Earphones You Can Buy Now

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When Apple announced the AirPods last September, everyone got excited. To them, the AirPods are the answer to Apple?s dismaying decision to remove the earphone jacks on the iPhone 7. However, what Apple promised is that it will begin shipping the AirPods a few weeks after the big unveiling. It is now more than 2 months, almost three months to be exact, since the announcement was made. Until now, the controversial wireless earphone is still nowhere to be found.

The last anyone heard of the AirPods is that Apple is still trying to work out when the official release will be. To date, the company still remains tight-lipped on details pertaining the AirPods? release to the wild. Fortunately, there are a few wireless earphones out there that consumers can get their hands on right about now.

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The first on the list of wireless earphones belong to Beats Electronics, the brand that many people love to hate. To be fair, its wireless earphone line up is quite appealing to look at. The Powerbeats 3 and BeatsX are just two of the wireless earphones from the company. The Powerbeats3 is available on the Apple Store for around $200. The BeatsX is much cheaper and comes at $150.

Powerbeats3 (via

Powerbeats3 (via

Another one on the list is the Jaybird Freedom Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. This pair of earphones might be a bit too pricey but buyers get only the best in terms of quality. This wireless earphone complements Apple?s line of iPhone smartphones with its Rose Gold and Space Gray color choices. The Jaybird Freedom can also be purchased from the Apple Store for $200.

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Some readers might argue that the aforementioned earphones are not completely wireless. All three feature a length of wire that connects the earbuds with each other. For anyone who wants the complete wireless experience, they can grab the new Bragi wireless earphones.

The Heaphone (via

The Heaphone (via

What started out as The Dash, Bragi re-engineered its own line of smart earphones. The company ditched the fitness tracking feature and just gave it the same audio capability and called it The Headphone. For what it is, The Headphone is basically a pair of truly wireless earphones that work on any smartphone. Be it an Android of iOS device, The Headphone is designed to work with any mobile device.

As far as functionality is concerned, The Headphone offers the same wireless audio features of the AirPods. However, instead of the beam forming feature present on the AirPods, The Headphone uses bone induction for audio input. The Headphone also has audio transparency feature that lets users hear their surroundings. Quite handy for anyone talking with someone.

The Headphone is available at the Bragi shop for $149.

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