5sos New Album to Feature Different Genre? New Album Announced Amid Rumors of Split

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5SOS New Album

The Australian rock band, 5SOS (Seconds of Summer), was formed in Sydney five years ago. The boy group began as an amateur YouTube sensation uploading videos of cover songs from different artists.?Later on, 5SOS got its taste of the limelight when they traveled around with One Direction on the Take Me Home Tour. Now 5sos new album is expected to be released soon, but news say that it will be a different genre.

5SOS new album: From pop punk

Although the group is widely known as a pop punk band, its members have always rejected this idea and said that they desire to play more music than just pop punk.

In 2014, 5SOS released its debut single She Looks Perfect, earning the top chart spot in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

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Moreover, their first self-titled premier record was launched in June that year. It gained an overwhelming attention boosting it to the number one spot on music billboards in 11 countries. ?

5SOS New Album

After the imminent road to success, 5SOS immediately followed the first hit with a live album titled LiveSOS. Just last year, the band unveiled Sounds Good Feels Good, complimented by a documentary DVD known as How Did We End Up Here.

5SOS new album: To techno music

It looks like the band has shifted to experimental electronic music. The only new track from this year?s playlist arrived on the Ghostbuster soundtrack through the funky synth-rock anthem Girls Talk Boys.

According to Billboard, 5SOS instantly fell in love with the track because of its ?weird idea.? Producer Ricky Reed actually told the same source that ?They [5SOS] kinda freaked out. They came to my studio in Echo Park and cut the vocal here and we had a great time working out the parts.?

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?They?re hilarious, awesome dudes. Also really talented,? he added.

Well, this sound experimentation only tells us that 5SOS is not afraid of change. They are well aware if they want people to treat them as real rock stars, career reinvention from time to time is needed.

Lead singer Luke Hemmings, bassist Calum Hood, lead guitarist Michael Clifford, and drummer Ashton Irwin need to come up with new things to keep the fans on their toes.

For the record, genre transitions in the boy band scene are no new thing for rock enthusiasts worldwide. Fall Out Boy, in fact shifted from emo to rock in 2010.

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