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The best pet-friendly apps on Android

As the popular saying goes, “Dogs are a man’s best friend.” Many studies have already suggested that having a pet contributes to better physical, emotional and mental health. People are clearly aware of that information as there are over 75 million dogs being kept as pets in the United States alone. If two of your most favorite buddies are your phone and your dog, there’s always a pet-friendly app to help you enjoy your time with your furry friend. Check out our list of 4 handy pet-friendly apps you can download from Google Play.


Taking its cue from the original MapMyWalk app, this pet-friendly app encourages you and your loving dog to go on long walks. MapMyDogWalk will be able to track and display time, pace, speed, distance, apart from recording the route you’ve traveled. It can even monitor your real-tile elevation along with the calories you’ve just burned. While we already told you about the best Android fitness apps out there, MapMyDogWalk may also deserve to be on the list.

Dog Friendly

This pet-friendly app provides an extensive guide about the best dog-friendly establishments within your neighborhood. Dog Friendly offers real-time information about parks, restaurant, hotels, and beaches where you and your pet can enjoy. This app works by plotting the relevant places on a map where you can easily visualize the places you wish to visit; a feature that lets you mark favorite locations is also included. As it is considered as a necessary feature these days, Dog Friendly will allow you to share your opinion and location to your Foursquare, Twitter, or Facebook accounts.

Pet First Aid

Having this pet-friendly app on your Android phone is like having a vet you can always pull up right from your pocket. Pet First Aid comes with lots of life-saving information which includes videos, images, and comprehensive articles showing how to take care of everything from mild sprains and cuts to more severe conditions like drowning or accidental poisoning.

Dog Park Buddy

So now you have an app for ensuring your dog’s health and for taking him to restaurant and beaches, how about a pet-friendly app that will help your four-legged friend to socialize?  Dog Park Buddy functions much like a Facebook for your beloved dogs. It allows you create customized play groups and organize trips to the park where you and other dog-owners can let your pets play and enjoy. The app allows users to “check-in” to a location and see who’s already there at the same time.


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Gearbox Software, makers of fast-paced FPS Borderlands, just announced the birth of another shooter game Battleborn. Revealed in Game Informer’s August issue, the new game will be a multiplayer arena-based first-person shooter in an intergalactic setting infused with MOBA gameplay elements.

Battleborn’s story revolves on a group of heroes—called the battleborns—teaming up to stop Varelsi, an evil force trying to destroy the last star in a dying universe. So far, a chic swordie, a gatling gun-wielding brute, an elven archer, a cyborg gunnie, an immortal samurai, and a gun rogue have been introduced.

According to GearBox’s announcement, the game will feature nine playable characters and the five factions they belong to. The game offers a cooperative mode, where you can play with up to four of your friends in a five-player campaign. A competitive multiplayer mode will also be available where you can choose different competitive match scenarios of up to 10 players. More information of the game is said to be available in the August issue of Game Informer.

Meanwhile, Gearbox Software CEO Randy Pitchford also hinted that the game may possibly be an eSports title. This means that we may expect the game to have cash tournaments in the future.

As of the moment, very little information is known about the game. We still have to see in the upcoming months what’s in store for us from Battleborn. But taking Gearbox’s reputation into account, we can only expect good stuff when this game comes online.

Like Borderlands, Gearbox and 2K Games have once again teamed up to work on Battleborn. The game still has a long way to go and is set to be released sometime in 2015. It will be available for a retail release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Here’s short tease-trailer released by publisher 2K Games which reveals potential gameplay elements:

Image Source: Youtube

Japan’s Criminal Girls: Invite Only for PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) is coming to North America and Europe in 2015.

Since the announcement of Criminal Girls: Invite Only, NIS America Forum has revealed exactly what would be be excluded and would be censored in the final version of the game.

NIS America said, “The punishment mini-game will remain as is, with a couple (of) small tweaks. The first is that the associated audio will not be present (moans, gasps, short phrases, etc.). The second is that for certain scenes with little to no steam, some steam effects will be added back in to obscure some potentially problematic images. This will be kept to a minimum.”

However, one good thing is that no other scenes or content will be removed. According to NIS America, they have retained the general tone of the game and the spirit of the story and characters without taking things too far.

The Criminal Girls: Invite Only

The story of The Criminal Girls: Invite Only as described in the texts that accompany the video is as follows:

“Seven delinquents, seven sins, and only one way out. Just hired for a new, mysterious job, you soon discover that this isn’t your normal prison gig. You’ve been entrusted with the care of a crew of girls whose sins have damned their souls to Hell and an eternity of punishment… Their only hope of salvation is for you to recognize their unique histories, and to guide them along the path to redemption. Navigate through the four trials of the Redemption Program, and motivate your crew of delinquents to learn the skills to redeem themselves, or leave them to their fate.”

Criminal Girls 3

In an official press release, NIS America also stated the key points that you must know:

• Mind Your Manners – Mind Your Manners: These girls aren’t your typical RPG team – they have minds of their own! To defeat the convicts doing their time in Hell’s dungeons, you’ll need to listen to your team’s desires, and choose your path to victory from the ever-evolving repertoire of skills, spells, and combo attacks that they want to use.

• Touching Gameplay – Connect with the girls, and uncover each of their unique personalities through one-on-one motivational sessions with a unique use of the front touchscreen and rear touchpad, and fulfill the girls’ special requests to discover more about their interesting, and often dark pasts.

Criminal Girls 1

• Criminal Girls, Reborn – This Playstation Vita update will mark the first time a Criminal Girls game makes its way to the US, and with English text! The update also brings previously unplayable characters into the fray—Miu and Himekami—and includes brand new scenarios and levels to challenge your prison smarts. It also revamps the much lauded motivational gameplay with updated artwork, and brand new Live2D graphics and effects.
For more information about Criminal Girls: Invite Only, stay tuned with us!

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With Greater Rifts coming around as Diablo 3 RoS’ main game feature, the whole game is changing. Scaled difficulty now calls for players to think of different tactics that can scale their damage per second with the increasing enemy hit points

Greater Rifts offer big rewards and the chance to upgrade gems with the new artisan, Urshi. Some players say he can appear on Rifts as low as level 16. Others say you have to hit at least 23. But whatever the implemented Patch 2.1 may be in the game when the time comes, Blizzard has made it clear that there are no clickables in Greater Rifts.

Essentially, clickables are the chests, demonic vessels, urns and other objects that can be destroyed or opened for loot. Not even the monsters are going to give you any loot—you’re betting it all on the Rift Guardian.

So what are the stuff you need to get rid of when Diablo 3 RoS Patch 2.1 goes live? Here they are:

1. Harrington’s Waistguard

Since this item depends on opening chests, the incredible damage bonus isn’t going to happen in Greater Rifts. If you’re planning on going through the Tiered Rifts more often than normal Rifts, it might be best for you to salvage this item. Still, you can keep it for your other toons since it still gives a huge damage boost in other situations.

2. Goldskin and Goldwrap

You don’t get any gold or loot from any of the monsters in Greater Rifts so you best ditch these items. You don’t have to salvage them of course since they’re very useful in the Treasure Goblin Realm and in normal Rifts but if you have extras, I suggest you turn them into Forgotten Souls as soon as possible.

Keep in mind, though, that Greater Rifts are only implemented in the PTR and are still being tweaked and hotfixed. Diablo 3 RoS Patch 2.1 can still bring us a completely different Greater Rift than we have right now.

screenshot by Danielle Santos

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The release of Injustice: Gods Among Us for both Android and iOS has been heralded as a good move for giving DC a fighting chance. While so far, Marvel has the ‘Marvel vs. Capcom’ series, Injustice actually gives players more options as to playing DC related heroes. So far, Netherrealm has done a great job of keeping the game light and entertaining for gamers.

The objective of the game is to control a rampaging alternate world Superman as he strives to bring everything under his control. Driven crazy by a plot hatched by an alternate world Joker, Superman then takes on all challengers, even if that means going against a group of his former comrades combined with villains, led by his closest friend, Bruce Wayne a.k.a the Batman.

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While it is a fighting game when played on consoles, in mobile devices it is played out as a card game although there are also battles like the ones available on the console. The only difference is you collect different cards that you use as your player characters. There are cards that you can use for battles, cards that serve as support, and cards that enable your characters to use abilities and have skills that are previously not available to them.

A new update has been released for the mobile version of the game, bringing further good news to mobile gamers. Four new challenge characters are made available for this release, as well as bringing in much-awaited improvements when playing the game online. Expect to see Killer Frost, Luchadore Bane, Deathstroke from Arkham Origins and Red Son Batman to provide challenges for your fighting team. The Killer Frost character update is already available, remaining live until July 13th. The system for determining how many challenge levels you’ve defeated is also reworked, making it easy for you to track them and the rewards as well.

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The other improvement brought about by the update is the reworking of the online multiplayer option of this game. It was first introduced way back in the 2.0 update for the game in April. Since there were many complaints regarding the usage of Elite characters, the multiplayer has been tweaked to become more challenging for teams using these characters. It’s a good thing for gamers and low-leveled characters, since before, when you’re using an Elite character, they tend to be over powered. Low-leveled and non-Elite characters virtually had no chance since the Elite characters enjoyed a sort of unfair advantage before the update.

While you’re playing, you may notice that quests and such are repetitive, and the only way you can level your character up is if you participate in battles both online and in single player. With the new Bonus Missions section that rolls out with the update, another way of getting rewards and leveling up is added. These are specific goals and missions that you need to complete while you’re in online multiplayer.

The game, even without the updates, is a fun and educational game to play; educational in the sense that you get interested and learn more about the different facets of a character. Be sure to check out the Injustice game, available for both Android OS and iOS.

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The Pokemon Company and Nintendo have announced the release of a Fancy Pattern Vivillon for Pokemon X and Y trainers. The Pokemon Global Trade Station has reached more than 100 million trades and both companies would like to hand out a special Vivillon card to commemorate this milestone.

This special Fancy Vivillon is exclusively available for a limited time only on Nintendo Network. The Pokemon Co. further stated that this specific pattern will not be available in the wilderness of Pokemon X and Y, or outside the network.

Vivillon is derived from the Japanese word “Viviyon”. This describes a flying bug – Pokemon type – that closely resembles a butterfly. A Vivillon will evolve from a Level 12 Spewa, and is also the last evolution stage of the Scatterbug. The wing patterns of a Vivillon will depend on its location in the Pokemon game. There are a total of 20 available patterns including the Fancy Pattern Vivillon.

In order to receive this Pokemon pattern, Nintendo 3DS players will need to do the following:

  • On the main menu, select Mystery Gift.
  • Afterwards, Select Receive gift then click yes.
  • Then Select Get via Internet, press yes.
  • After which player will need to talk to the delivery girl at the Pokemon Center.
  • Delivery girl will then give the Vivillon.
  • Save the game as soon as you receive the gift.

Pokemon X and Y are only available for the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS.

This is a role-playing game where the player assumes the role of a young Pokemon trainer, who captures and trains Pokemon. Once trained, these creatures will be pitted against other Pokemon. Every victory allows the creature to obtain experience, increase his combat statistics and gain new fighting techniques. This will allow some of the Pokemon to evolve into a higher level.

Players regularly trade Pokemon with other players in order to complete their collection.

Pokemon X and Y are currently the most popular games in the Nintendo 3DS platform. Over 12 million copies have been sold around the world, and Nintendo has announced that it will launch before year end, a new game – Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.  

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