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Viber, free text, calling, photo messenger for iPhone has got a new design and standout features.

The VoIP application which allows location-sharing with co-Viber users has completely redesigned itself for iOS 7.

“We are thrilled to introduce the highly-anticipated release of Viber 4.2 for iPhone with a sleek new design and standout features,” Viber said in its official press release.

Now, what’s new with this version?

Since it is completely redesigned for iOS 7, the sleek design and look are very consistent with the artistic and visual appearance of iOS 7 which users will surely like as they have been accustomed to it.

Also the Viber 4.2 for iPhone will let users to send and edit up to ten photos and videos at a time with its ‘multiple media sharing in one flow’ feature. With this, Viber said that iPhone users will no longer go back and forth with the Viber media sharing feature like before.

Moreover, the Viber 4.2 for iPhone provides a ‘Block list’ feature this time. With this, users have the control over who they want into their list. They can now block contacts they do not know.

Furthermore, the new updated Viber for iPhone allows a longer video messages sending. This means that users can now send videos of up to three (3) minutes long.

Viber 4.2 also comes with a ‘Bug fixes’ feature.

One thing more, Viber 4.2 gets a ‘Typing indicator’. With this new feature, users will know when their contacts are typing a message to for them from Android tablet, Linux, Mac, PC or Windows 8.

Viber is a mobile application that allows users free text messages, photo messages, video messages and share locations to all other Viber users for free.

Developed by Viber Media, a privately held company founded in February 2010, Viber allows free HD-quality calls to other Viber users on iPhone®, Android™, Windows Phone, Blackberry®, Windows®, Mac, Symbian, Nokia S40 and Bada devices over 3G/4G or WiFi connections.

“With more than 200 million users in over 193 countries, Viber is constantly innovating by introducing new platforms and adding fun new features including stickers and emoticons.”

(Photo courtesy of http://support.viber.com)

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Great news for HTC One (M8) users in US and Canada, as the smartphone introduced extreme power saving mode feature plus camera and gallery app enhancements.

Today, users will receive minor software updates which include Extreme Power Saving Mode and a number of enhancements for the Camera and Gallery apps, reports said.

The software update builds a 1.55.631.4 version and is in the 149.85MB size. Though it gets updated, HTC One (M8) still has Android 4.4.2 with Sense 6.0 as its underlying software.

With the extreme power saving mode feature, users will be provided with a battery time of over 10 days on a single charge.

HTC said, “In times when you don’t need to use much of your phone, turn Extreme power saving mode on to extend battery life longer. In this mode, standby time can last longer than usual, and you can only use the most basic functions such as phone calls, text messaging, and email.”

To turn Extreme Power Saving Mode on, here’s what you should do.

1. With two fingers, swipe down from the status bar to open Quick Settings.
2. Tap the Extreme power saving mode tile to turn the mode on.

Or to set when to automatically switch this mode on, tap below the tile. Select the check box, and then choose at which battery level the mode will turn on.

Moreover, to check for the update that’s been rolling out now, you can manually check it by heading to Settings > About > Software updates.

HTC One M8 is the Taiwanese company’s flagship device launched last March 25th, 2014. It is comes with an upgraded 5-inch 1080p display, Snapdragon 801 processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, an UltraPixel rear Duo Camera, a 5.0 megapixel front camera, among others.

(Photo courtesy of http://www.htc.com/us/go/buy-now-htc-one-m8/)

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The first thing any proud owner of the new Samsung Galaxy S5 should do is to get a screen protector and a phone case. No matter how beautiful or perfect your new flagship phone is, it’s not going to stay that way until you get something to protect it. What’s more, it’s going to take some top-grade engineering and design to make a case that’s functional, protective and fashionable.

Luckily, a lot of manufacturer’s have stepped up to the task and have produced these great Samsung Galaxy S5 cases and covers. Here at the Bitbag, we love our Samsung Galaxy S5s and love them even more in these awesome cases and covers:

1.       Galaxy S5 Spigen Neo Hybrid Case

Spigen always comes out with great cases for high-end Android smartphones and the Neo Hybrid for the S5 is one of the best we’ve seen. It offers both bump and scratch protection as well as reduced slippage and grip in your hand. You can customize it to your specified color since you can swap out bumpers.

2.       Otterbox Defender for Samsung Galaxy S5

If you want all-around protection or the guarantee that the usual drops and water submersion (no matter how long), you can get Otterbox’s consistent protective gear. The Galaxy S5 does get quite bulky with this case and the screen sensitivity does suffer thanks to the plastic screen cover.

3.       Navor Folio Wallet

For the user who wants to keep his or her phone, cards and cash all in one place, this is the case for you. It’s made of premium PU leather and is one of the slimmest wallet fold type cases out there. It has a removable strap and magnetic closure.

4.       AceAbove View

If you want a case that lets you see the screen of your device while the case is closed, then this is the best case. With a full-front window, it’s better than the usual window-case with only the top view available. An advantage of foldable covers is that they offer more protection than simple bar cases and covers.

5.       Rearth Ringke Slim

If you want something that doesn’t compromise the beauty of the S5, the Ringke Slim is the best choice. It’s as if you’re holding just the Galaxy S5 in your hands but the device is still protected. For the fashion-conscious who think of the device as an additional accessory to their outfit, this is the best case for you.

photo from: http://www.samsung.com/ph/#undefined

Things you never know possible with the 360 version of Minecraft

Minecraft for Xbox 360

Here are some pretty useful tricks and glitches for Minecraft 360 version. Some players of the original Minecraft might already know some of these things, but this guide is also helpful for newcomers. Some of them aren’t too obvious, so we’ll share it with you as you might find them useful while creating your own world in Minecraft.

Deleting TNT without having to destroy surrounding area

This isn’t really that great of a trick, but it is a “bit” fun to see how a TNT explodes and causing not a single damage to anything. The first thing you need to do here is to dig around the TNT, then cover it with Obsidian. Leave one opening in order for you to hit the TNT, then once done doing that, cover the TNT with enough Obsidian.

Breathing Underwater Unlimitedly

Now here’s one useful glitch. There are numerous ways to do this. One is to get a bucket, then press LT if you want to add more bubbles (oxygen). If you need to empty the bucket, just reach the ground and press LT while aiming at it.

Another method is getting a torch and pressing LT while near a wall or the ground to regenerate your bubbles.

How to Have any Minecraft Block as Helmet

This isn’t really part of any “useful” trick here, but it is fun to see and experiment with various blocks. Doing this is pretty simple. The first thing to do is start the game and  wear any helmet of your choice. Now save and turn off the xbox. Go to your computer, and in the device explorer, extract the gamesave for Minecraft. Now open up the minecraft inventory editor (using 360revolution or horizon). Now find slot 103 and replace it with any block that you want to use as a helmet. It needs to be a block and not a detachable item (like torch, swords, axe, etc). Once done, rehash and resign to update your gamesave. Once you start up your minecraft savegame, you will now see the block you’ve chosen as your helmet.

And of course, what is a game guide without locations on items? Here’s a list of useful items in Minecraft:

bedrock- bottom of the world/walls of nether

clay- bottom of ponds

cobblestone- underneath the dirt

moss stone- located around mob spawners

dirt- general floor of the map

gravel- located randomly under ground

ice- in cold areas on top of lakes

monster spawner- random underground spots

sand- top layer in deserts

sandstone- found under sand in deserts

obsidian- made by mixing still water and still lava

snow- found in cold places falling from the sky and layering blocks

glowstone- found on the ceiling of nether in hanging chunks

netherrack- general ground of nether

soul sand- small patches in nether/ make you walk slow

redstone dust- when you destroy redstone ore, about 5 pieces of dust come out

cactus- only vegetation in the desert

grass block- dirt+sun+time=grass block

leaves- top of trees

mushroom- randomly scattered around above ground and in natural caves

pumpkin- somewhat rare found in woodsy areas

wood- can be chopped from trees

wool- obtained by killing sheep

leather- obtained by killing cows

pork- obtained by killing pigs

coal ore- randomly places under ground

diamond ore- randomly places under ground

gold ore- randomly places under ground

coal ore- randomly places under ground

iron ore- randomly places under ground

lapis lazuli ore- randomly places under ground

redstone ore- randomly places under ground

water- can be taken out of lakes with a bucket

lava- can be taken out of lava pools with a bucket

whea can be obtained by smashing grass

sugar cane- can be found around coasts and lakes

saplings- can be obtained by destroying tree leaves

flowers- randomly scattered above land


Image Source: YouTube

Apple has not confirmed anything about iPhone 6 yet, but a lot has been said and reported by leaksters in the rumorland. Once more, a new leak has been revealed – a 3D design of the full schematic of iPhone 6.

Despite Apple’s silence, rumors and leaks have made us aware somehow of what would be the looks of the most anticipated iPhone 6. Rumors have become so loud-mouthed that we have been abreast of what iPhone 6 could offer its undying fans.

Just a few days back, we have seen schematics of iPhone 6 plus case models, pictures, and we have also heard so much of the predictions of a well-known KGI Securities analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo.

It could be remembered that Kuo predicted that iPhone 6 will come in two sizes: 4.7 and 5.5-inches with 1334×750 (326ppi) retina display for the 4.7-inches iPhone 6 and 1920 x 1080 (401 ppi) resolutions for the 5.5-inches iPhone 6; that both will come with an Apple A8 processor, 1GB of RAM, LTPS display panels, optical image stabilization, and Touch ID; and that iPhone 6 models will come in a 10 to 20 percent narrower bezel, a 6.5–7.0mm thickness, metal casings, and NFC chips integration.

Today, another rendition of iPhone 6 has been roaming around the rumorland – a 3D concept of the iPhone 6 that could be what we’re thinking and hoping the phone would be.

Graphic designer Martin Hajek who has created many concepts of Apple devices for so many years has created a design for iPhone 6 from the alleged schematics that we’ve seen a few days back and turned it into something he thinks would be the closest thing to reality.

In his personal blog, Hajek posted his rendition of iPhone 6 with a larger display that meets the demands and needs of Apple fans without compromising the state of being comfortable for use. Moreover, the graphic designer’s creation has a nearly borderless display and thinner housing.

Moreover, Hajek also created a design for iPhone 6c. “After looking more closely at my iPhone 6 interpretation of MacFan’s concept I thought it will fit more with the [c] version of the iPhone, I mean single flash, mono speakers,” Hajek said.

Apple may not confirm but at least we got a glimpse of what iPhone 6 would be. Let’s just wait and see until Apple finally releases an official statement.

(Photo courtesy of http://www.martinhajek.com/iphone-6-s-or-c/)

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A New Ace Attorney Title for the 3DS on its way

Ace Attorney

Another Ace Attorney game is being developed by Capcom for the 3DS. The game will feature the original protagonist, Phoenix Wright’s ancestor and the game settings will be way back more than a hundred centuries in the past.

The creator of the original Ace Attorney series in the DS is now working on another title that also belongs in the same game universe, but instead of going forward with the timeline of the game, he brings the game’s setting a hundred years back.

Siliconera translated a recent Famitsu info and it states that the next Ace Attorney game is set in the Meiji period of Japan. This was around 1868 – 1982. The main protagonist of the game is Wright’s ancestor, Ryunosuke Naruhodo.

The game will be exclusive to the 3DS and is going to be directed by Shu Takumi, Ace Attorney’s very creator. Shintaro Kojima will also have some involvement in the game. (He is the guy behind the Monster Hunter series by Capcom)

There is no official word yet for other details like the story, other characters and gameplay. There’s also no word yet if the game will come out in the US. The information was not released in English so you can keep that in mind. Some people might think that the chance of having this game translated to English is slim, mainly because of the heavy dose of Japanese culture that is going to be displayed in the game’s settings. (Though it is very unlikely that a game like Ace Attorney does not get any official translation)

The latest game in the Ace Attorney series as of now is Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies and it was released last October 2013. The spin-off between Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton is to be released in 3DS later this year.

Image Source YouTube (gamespot)