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A New Ace Attorney Title for the 3DS on its way

Ace Attorney

Another Ace Attorney game is being developed by Capcom for the 3DS. The game will feature the original protagonist, Phoenix Wright’s ancestor and the game settings will be way back more than a hundred centuries in the past.

The creator of the original Ace Attorney series in the DS is now working on another title that also belongs in the same game universe, but instead of going forward with the timeline of the game, he brings the game’s setting a hundred years back.

Siliconera translated a recent Famitsu info and it states that the next Ace Attorney game is set in the Meiji period of Japan. This was around 1868 – 1982. The main protagonist of the game is Wright’s ancestor, Ryunosuke Naruhodo.

The game will be exclusive to the 3DS and is going to be directed by Shu Takumi, Ace Attorney’s very creator. Shintaro Kojima will also have some involvement in the game. (He is the guy behind the Monster Hunter series by Capcom)

There is no official word yet for other details like the story, other characters and gameplay. There’s also no word yet if the game will come out in the US. The information was not released in English so you can keep that in mind. Some people might think that the chance of having this game translated to English is slim, mainly because of the heavy dose of Japanese culture that is going to be displayed in the game’s settings. (Though it is very unlikely that a game like Ace Attorney does not get any official translation)

The latest game in the Ace Attorney series as of now is Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies and it was released last October 2013. The spin-off between Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton is to be released in 3DS later this year.

Image Source YouTube (gamespot)

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All racing fans, brace yourselves, as Slightly Mad Studios announced the landing of Project CARS in PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, and PC this November 2014.

From a video footage released by Slight Mad Studios, it confirmed the availability of Project CARS in different platforms in the later part of the year.

Slight Mad Studios said “Project CARS is the most authentic, beautiful, intense, and technically-advanced racing game on the planet.”

With Project CARS, gamers can do more. The developer said that players can select and create their own driver, pick from a variety of motorsports, and shift into high gear in order to chase a number of Historic Goals and enter the Hall Of Fame.

Moreover, the gamers’ skills will be tested via the following challenges. They can have their skills honed through competitive fully-loaded race weekends, leaderboard-based time challenges, or continually-updated community events.

“Featuring world-class graphics and handling, a ground-breaking dynamic time of day and weather system, and deep tuning and pit stop functionality, Project CARS leaves the competition behind in the dust. These make Project CARS the ultimate driver journey,” Slightly Mad Studios said.

In the recently press release by Slightly Mad Studios, they said that Project CARS or Community Assisted Racing Simulator will surely set the standard in visuals and in sounds as well, in the racing games industry.

Slightly Mad Studios said that their audio department has been hard at work in order to make sure that every car in Project CARS will “sound exactly as raw and menacing as in real life.”

In fact the team had launched a video that allows racing fans to see and experience for themselves  more than just a  12-minute video of pure Project CARS sound glory.

Moreover, according to Playstation Front, Project CARS is the most wanted title this time around. So if you are a fan, and you have not seen the new videos yet, here’s what we can share to you.

(Photo courtesy of http://www.projectcarsgame.com/)

Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet is soon to become available in Australia as Sony Mobile opens pre-order purchase for their new Android slate. It is expected to arrive in the country on April 29th 2014 on three different variants.

Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet in Australia

Australians can now make pre-orders of Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet after Sony Mobile launched the purchase option at their official online store. Sony Mobile is expecting Xperia Z2 Tablet to arrive in the country on April 29th and it will be available in three variants.

Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet

Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet for Australia has three models available for online pre-orders and priced as follows:

Model Type

Internal Storage

Network Feature


SGP511A1B16 GBWi-Fi onlyAU$ 599
SGP512A1B32 GBWi-Fi onlyAU$ 699
SGP521A1B16 GBWi-Fi and LTEAU$ 749


Sony Mobile also added an offer for those who will make pre-orders from April 22nd to April 28th. Pre-order buyers will get a bonus CPF5 portable charger 5000 mAh free which supposedly costs AU$79 if purchased separately.

According to Sony Mobile via Facebook, Telstra is also going to offer Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet in Australia.

For those interested in Sony Xperia Z2 smartphone, the company’s PR posted via Facebook an optimistic approach on their next announcement – “It’s our next announcement, you won’t be waiting much longer.”

Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet Specs

It is currently the slimmest and lightest Android tablet with dust and water proofing capabilities.

-          10.1-inch full HD display with Triluminous and X-Reality engines

-          Android 4.4.2 KitKat OS

-          2.3 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor

-          3 GB of RAM chipset

-          16/32 GB internal storage with microSD card support

-          8.1 MP primary HD camera with Exmor RS mobile lens

-          2.2 MP secondary HD camera with Exmor R lens

-          Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0 and GPS

Xperia Z2 Tablet features IPS-LCD display for multi-angle viewing experience, dual-front stereo speakers, S-Force surround sound engine, Digital Noise Cancellation sound support, STAMINA mode for improved battery life, wireless control over devices at home, DLNA, MHL and Miracast certified, and one touch sharing using Near Field Communication or NFC.

Photo Source: Sony Mobile Australia

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As Destiny re-launched their website, more exciting information including videos were introduced, and what more could be electrifying news for gamers, than the release date of it, which will take place on September 9 for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

The new website gave more details about the game which includes the playable Guardians, Destinations, and Enemies.

The Guardians who will defend the last safe City on Earth and defeat the enemies are the Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters.

As a gamer, here’s what you will do.

In Destiny, the first Titans built the Wall, and bravely gave their lives to defend it. With this, the gamer – you – will also do same. You are to defeat the enemies who are ‘deadly and merciless’ but you should not faint because as a Titan, you have been empowered, you’ve come from a line of legendary heroes whose strength and skill would shatter the enemies’ ranks.

As Warlock, your enemies will stand between you and your greatest discovery – the secrets of the Golden Age – which the Warlocks have studied first.

Lastly, you, as the Hunter; you’ve been looking for great luck which means you’ve got to bend the rules. But this doesn’t mean you’re a law breaker, at least, not anymore. You’ve got a unique brand of daring and ingenuity which you will need now more than ever.

For the Destinations and Enemies, here’s what the new website has provide you.

Destinations include the Earth, Moon, Venus, and Mars while Enemies are the (1.) Fallen, who are hardy creatures who can survive in a wide range of environments without heavy armor or complex modifications to their physiology, (2.) Hive, who manipulates the physical world, (3.) Vex, who are hostile, unrelenting, and are deadly, and (4) Cabal, who are professional military operatives whose eyes are on the Guardians now.

On Earth, the Guardians – which include you – must stand watch, defend the civilization, and strike out into the wild frontiers of Earth – and beyond – to reclaim their lost worlds.

As the Moon was classified as a “Forbidden Zone,” it is open only to the most brave and experienced Guardians. Here you’ll find the ruins of humanity’s former glory.

Venus, which was once a paradise is now a monument. “The old stories say we built an academy dedicated to learning and research on the shore of a wondrous sea, and that the waters themselves boiled and rose up to shatter the coast, washing away all that we had built,” the new website described.

In Mars, the Guardians had built a massive metropolis in the red dust but the Darkness swept it away and no one knows what remains.

With all these, there’s one thing that Destiny wants from you now that a new era has begun: “Defend the last safe City on Earth. Defeat our enemies. Explore the ancient ruins of our solar system. Discover all that we have lost. Become legend.”

(Photo courtesy of http://www.destinythegame.com/)


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HTC finally confirms the official Android 4.4.2 KitKat update for HTC Droid DNA. Users may expect Over-the-Air update starting on April 24th.

HTC Droid DNA Getting Android KitKat

HTC Executive Product Manager Mo Versi, announced the upcoming official Android 4.4.2 KitKat OS for HTC Droid DNA coming in April 24th. According to his tweet, Android 4.4.2 OS for Droid DNA has received technical approval and it features HTC Sense 5.5 UI.

April 24th is the starting day of rollout but users may not receive the update on the same day. Depending on the region and network provider, software updates are expected to be released gradually. Owners will get the next major software upgrade via Over-the-Air process.

Current HTC Android 4.4 KitKat Updates

There are several models of HTC smartphones which are eligible to Android 4.4 KitKat and some of them have already received the update.

  1. HTC One 2013 Google Play edition received Android KitKat before the end of last year.
  2. HTC One 2013 Developer edition has received an Android KitKat update since November 29th last year.
  3. HTC One 2013 unlocked phones are also receiving Android KitKat which was announced last year.
  4. HTC One 2013 Sprint model receives the new firmware in February 1st 2014.
  5. In February 6th 2014, Verizon released Android KitKat with Sense 5.5 for HTC One 2013.
  6. HTC One Max Verizon is set for Android Kitkat.
  7. HTC UK released Android 4.4 update with HTC Sense 5.5 for the One smartphone in March 2014.
  8. HTC One 2013 Android 4.4 update in UK restarted after certain issues have been reported.

Notable Features

HTC tweaked several system functions on the Android 4.4 KitKat update for HTC One and One Max. Here are some notable features on the latest software from HTC.

  1. HTC Sense 5.5 user interface
  2. New lock screen process
  3. Revamped of music and gallery apps
  4. Revision of location services
  5. Do Not Disturb mode added
  6. Battery usage indicator
  7. Notification LED light tweaks
  8. Cloud Printing
  9. Tap to Pay service
  10. BlinkFeed optimisation
  11. New HTC Zoe functionality

HTC will expand Android KitKat for several other devices such as One Mini, Butterfly S, Desire 601 and Desire 700 which are planned for release this year. HTC One X+ and One X are not anymore eligible for any future update due to lack of drivers required by the company.

Photo Source: HTC

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Samsung Galaxy S5 may offer the latest and amazing features, but it is nowhere near perfect. Here are the most common issues you may experience with the expensive smartphone and simple ways to work around them.

Missing Download Booster  

Sadly, certain network carriers in the United States removed the unique Download Booster on Galaxy S5 which prevents users to utilise Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity for downloading large files. AT&T, Sprint and Verizon removed the feature on their Galaxy S5 models.

1. Switch to T-Mobile or U.S. Cellular since their models feature Download Booster.
2. Wait till third-party developers create effective rooting kits for those variants which may restore the feature.

Water Resistance

IP 67 on Galaxy S5 delivers complete protection against dust and resistance to water. However, water pressure is not covered by the ingress protection rating so users must be careful on submerging the device in water.

1. Do not dunk or throw the device in water as pressure may damage internal parts.
2. Dry out the device using a towel, then place it in a container full of rice. Make sure the device is turned off.
3. Do not turn on the device for 24 to 48 hours. Let the rice do its trick for Galaxy S5.
4. For fixing the damages, go the nearest service center to have the device restored.

Performance Lag

Galaxy S5 may have the latest hardware and newer software version, but the TouchWiz UI remains heavy that can cause some sluggishness.

1. Change the default Home Launcher into Nova, Apex or something else from the Play Store.
2. Turn off special animations to smoothen performance. Press and hold on a blank space on the home screen > Home screen settings > Transition effect > None. Go to Settings > Lock screen > Unlock effect > None.
3. Reduce display factors such as less widgets and using static wallpapers.
4. Reduce transitions by going to Settings > Developer options > Windows animation scale/Transition animation scale/Animator duration scale > Off or 0.5x. If the Developer options are not present, go to Settings > About device > Tap Build Version seven times.
5. Turn off the S Voice to speed up Home Button performance. Double tap the Home key > S Voice > Settings > Uncheck Open via the home key.
6. Set syncing of apps and services manually to prevent slowdown whenever your device is connected to the Internet. Go to Settings > Accounts > Turn off automatic syncing. Use the in-app settings to manually sync services.
7. Manage bloatware apps and features by going to Settings > Application Manager > All > Select apps you don’t want to use > Disable.

Camera Issues

Galaxy S5 features Rapid Auto-Focus but sometimes shooting may suffer slowdown that is usually affected by the camera settings.

1. Launch the camera app > tap the Gear icon > Turn off Picture Stabilisation. Picture Stabilisation is generally used to improve quality of images under low-light scenes in exchange of longer shutter speed.
2. Some users may experience the notifications “Warning: Camera Failed” that causes the camera app to stop from loading. Here are some quick solutions for it:
a. Restart the device which usually fixes almost all issues.
b. Settings > Application Manager > Camera > Force Stop, Clear Cache and Clear Data.
c. Uninstall third-party camera apps that may have caused the glitch.
d. Use the internal storage as prime saving area, then transfer it later to the SD card.
e. Visit a service center for the camera may be faulty.

Overheating Issues

Although Galaxy S5 is far from the Galaxy S4 overheating problems, users should be aware that high-class smartphones can generate much heat compared to mid-range devices. Here are some tips to prevent heat from damaging your device.

  1. Apps which cause overheating should be used moderately. If it’s a third-party app, uninstall it.
  2. Video recording using 4K resolution may cause heat on the camera area as processors are working at max. Record 4K videos separately, then edit them later.
  3. Never place your device on surfaces under direct heat or sunlight.
  4. Never leave your smartphone inside the car.
  5. Allow the device to breathe by removing cases, covers or other accessories during high gameplay or recharging.

Photo Source: Samsung