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Earlier, we have shown you How To Beat Anub’ Rekhan in Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas, now let us share with you guys again some useful tips on how to get through one of the first wing boss, Grand Widow Faerlina.

Grand Widow Faerlina only has a few solid cards in her deck. However, it is Faerlina’s power that will make this battle difficult for some Hearthstone players. Faerlina’s hero power fires missiles in each card in a player’s hand. Meaning, if a player is holding five cards when she uses it, five missiles will be fired at random enemy targets. This can be pretty troublesome if you don’t play this battle correctly.

Your best bet is to create a deck that will consist of cards with low mana, for this will help you defend against her hero power. Also, you might want to add a couple of taunt cards in your deck, as well as cards that could deal mid-game threats like Dancing Swords (4/4 with Deathrattle that will allow to draw a card), Worshipper (1/4 and will give Faerlina 1 attack every turn)and Necroknight (5/6 with Deathrattle that is going to destroy any minion that is next to it.) The Dancing Swords and Necroknight will pose a great threat, specifically if you posses a large number of low-cost minions to counter her hero power.

The best strategy against Faerlina is to attack early and more often. You have to inflict as much damage as you can to her before she can use her hero power to drain your health. If you can, try to play as many cards as you can and avoid using draw cards. DO NOT hold cards waiting for that combo card to appear because the longer you hold onto them, the more damage you will take from the Grand Widow’s hero power.

Fortunately, board clearing abilities will not be much of a problem  in this battle. She uses Hellfire which is going to inflict 3 damage to all your characters. But besides that, Faerlina doesn’t have much that is going to clear the board. You can overwhelm her by making her hero power relatively ineffective by keeping your hand as close to empty, and attack her with a flurry of low-cost minions.


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Picture this: you’ve just had a very bad day, and you’d want nothing more than to relieve your stress. You go home, fire up your PlayStation console, and you bring out your disc of Dynasty Warriors. Pretty soon, either you make up a character, or you choose one from the many heroes, and you imagine all the bad things happening to you as you make your way through the chapters. It is relaxing for some to ease off stress this way. In one way or another, you unleash hell onto unsuspecting opponents who can take the role of the person who wronged you that day.

That is just one way of playing it, though. There are many ways in which you can play Dynasty Warriors. Each one is unique, but the hack-and-slash game is strangely addictive if you attach a reason or a goal behind it, if you will. If you’re playing Xtreme Legends, some versions may allow you to achieve the ambition of your character, which happens to be a normal character ascending through the ranks. If you play Empires, your goal is to achieve unification of whichever country you’re playing in (ancient Japan or China) and become supreme ruler.

Koei Tecmo’s no stranger to producing games that spans different platforms. Most of their Dynasty Warrior games are available on either consoles or PCs, with some titles being more available than other versions. There have also been a lot of other titles which Warriors made in order to incorporate the massive hack-and-slash gameplay it is famous for. Given the Warriors touch, you can now relive many of the battles in the mech series Gundam just the way you remember them. One Piece: Pirate Warriors also lets you use Luffy’s expansive arsenal to great effect. And if you’re thinking about Link, well, Hyrule Warriors already solved the puzzle of what a battlefield in that world would look like.

As if they don’t have enough titles in their libraries already, Dynasty Warriors is adding another. And this time, it’s to come on a platform that most everyone is familiar with these days. Say hello to Dynasty Warriors Blast. It’s coming to Japan at the end of this month.

The game takes inspiration and many of its characters from Dynasty Warriors 7, a title released on the PS3. Just looking at the screenshots one can see that the familiar carnage and battlefield-spanning chaos of the Warriors series is present in this title too. As always, you play any of the available warriors who wield awesome powers and weapons that are equally impressive as well.

You will be able to purchase characters in-game, and these will provide you with their skills, along with new art. It remains to be seen how the payment and purchasing system will be laid out, but sources have said that the game will be free-to-play. As of right now, though, the game is available in Japanese only, and no word as to when it will be localized have leaked out.

Apple iPhone 6 (Image Credit to ZONEofTECH YouTube)

iPhone 6 is nearing its official release date. There should be hundreds of thousands of people anticipating the new model from Apple. But for some, they’re still thinking about it as there’s a new study that theorizes about a sneaky little thing that Apple might have been doing every time they release a new iPhone model.

A Harvard University student named Laura Trucco recently made some data gathering related to how Apple might have been effectively pushing the new models of iPhones upon release or even before release. It would seem that there’s a large percentage of people searching for terms “iPhone slow” before the launch of a new product. There’s a theory that Apple is intentionally slowing people’s iPhones prior to a new iPhone release.

How did she come up with this conclusion? If you’ll look at the graph, you would see that there are large spikes for the search term on times of the year where Apple has been releasing new models of their smartphone, hence, forcing people to upgrade.

If the search spikes take place AFTER the release, this would probably mean that the new model or the software that came with it, is not working well, but in this case, it is the other way around.

It is a given, that devices grow slower over time because of the apps you load on them, but Trucco is onto something, most probably, because these spikes aren’t gradually appearing (or you wouldn’t call them spikes at all), as they appear few days BEFORE a new model is released, which is a very BIG coincidence.

Still, Harvard economics professor, Sendhil Mullainathan, states that the data is merely “correlations, not conclusions”. This means that these data may be benign data or some real serious conspiracy.

Another possibility is, if the operating system is just being “optimized” for the newer hardware, which would explain the sudden slowdown on older ones, but still, would that be justified?

Google releases beta version of their 64-bit Chrome browser for Windows computers.


Last month, Google revealed that it is finally done with working on a 64-bit Chrome browser that will work on Microsoft’s Windows 7 and Windows 8. This Wednesday, the tech megacompany announced that they have made it available as a  Beta Channel. The beta phase is usually the last phase that software programs undergo before being fully released.

This 64-bit Chrome version is expected to work faster that its 32-bit predecessor, especially in area of multimedia content and graphics. It should also be relatively safer since it has the ability to take advantage of new features like the High Entropy ASLT present on Windows 8. Furthermore, a 64-bit Chrome browser may provide a more stable browsing experience with fewer crashes during regular use.

The ordinary Internet surfer may ask, what is the use of a 64-bit Chrome? Apparently as of the moment, that question cannot be answered expressly. Since we are in 2014, there’s a big chance that what you’re using now is a desktop or laptop that supports 64-bit processors. These processors enable computers to run software that can use more than 4 GB of RAM, which is the maximum memory that 32-bit machines can accommodate. That translates to better performance, more programs to run simultaneously, better graphics, and more –  in other words, increased productivity.

Same with what Google has done with Canary and developer editions, this more stable 64-bit Chrome software leverages modern computing power to tighten security and boost web page rendering speed. Understandably, the code for this beta version is still incomplete so expect to run into a few bugs here and there. Nonetheless, being in beta phase means that a full version is not far off in the horizon; maybe a few weeks away.

The 64-bit Chrome Beta Channel can be downloaded here. For the less adventurous, they would have to wait for the official release. A full list of all the changes in this version can be viewed in Google’s SVN log. Finally, Google is requesting those who downloaded the beta version to report any bug they encountered here.


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BioWare has announced that Dragon Age Keep will be delayed and would arrive in October. This is after the delayed release of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

“To coincide with the November 18, 2014, launch of Inquisition, we will also be moving the Keep’s launch date. Accordingly, we’ll be extending our beta program, meaning there’s still plenty of time to get involved with the Keep,” BioWare said.

Dragon Age Keep is a companion Web experience that allows you to customize your story choices across the Dragon Age franchise. This ensures that regardless of what platform you play on, you’ll always have your Thedas the way you made it.

On the other hand, BioWare said that since the last time they wrote about the Keep, they’ve launched a closed beta program. This program has been running successfully for several months now.

“We’re adding more and more users on a regular basis, and working with our testers has been instrumental in improving the overall Keep experience,” BioWare said.

The company also said that if a player would  like to get involved with the beta, all they need to do is to apply online at

BioWare said that participants are selected based on their application responses, not on a first-come first-serve basis. “This way, we can make sure that we have users from multiple platforms and with varying levels of experience with Dragon Age games,” Bioware said.

On the other hand, if the participant failed to join in the beta, BioWare said “don’t fret!” as the company still plans to launch ahead of Dragon Age: Inquisition to give gamers ample time to establish a world state ahead of time. The exact date is still to be determined and will depend on how the beta progresses.

For more information about BioWare Dragon Age Keep, stay tuned with us!

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While the Diablo 3 RoS Legendary Gems are still out, socketing gems into your Headgear and Weapon are going to be the same since the new Unique Jewels are only viable to slot into Amulets and Rings. So in the Marquise and Imperial, Gems you’re picking up in Torment levels are still important.

Why am I focusing on the headgear and the weapons? Those two slots offer great bonuses to their gear when you put in the Flawless Royal Gem of your choice. But the trick is knowing which one works best for you.

I’ve put together some suggestions on where to put the Flawless Royal Gems or at least the highest Gem of each kind you have. Here they are:

  • Flawless Royal Emerald

Put them in your weapons. All your weapons. But only if you have Critical Hit Chance higher than 30% (why wouldn’t you?). The highest gem gives you 130% additional Critical Hit Damage. It also stacks when you’re dual wielding to give you 260% more CHD if you have the Emerald in your other hand.

  • Flawless Royal Diamond

This should go in a helm. This cuts down your cooldown up to 12.5%! That’s technically 7.5 seconds off a skill that takes a minute to refresh while 3/4 of a second off a 6-second cooldown skill. While the increased damage against elites is good for weapons, the CHD from Emeralds gives you higher damage overall. But if your Critical Hit Chance is less than 20%, this could be a better choice than the Emerald.

  • Flawless Royal Amethyst

If you’re using Life on Hit or %Life as a main mechanic for Survival, put one in each weapon. Depending on your build, you may want to put it in your helm if you’re a tank or if you’re gathering resources for raising a gem’s rank. If you have insane HP numbers, you can watch your toughness jump high with one socketing of the gem.

  • Flawless Royal Topaz

Unless you’re trying to mine all the Veiled Crystal and cash, there really is no reason to socket any Topaz in any helm or weapon.

  • Flawless Royal Ruby

If you have woefully-low Critical Hit Chance (< 30%?! But why?!), the Ruby is also a great alternative to the Emerald. You can add up to 270 more damage to each of your weapons. The DPS rises with your ASPD so if that’s your strategy, you better get a Ruby. The extra experience is also great if you’re looking to gain levels quickly.

Keep in mind that you still need all of these gems especially if you want to enchant Amulets and Rings as one Legendary Enchantment costs at least a Flawless Imperial Gem (Yes, I totally think Myriam and Shen haven’t broken up and are milking us for all we’re worth).

So do you think you’d socket your Diablo 3 RoS Weapons and Helms with my suggestions? Drop me a comment and let’s discuss!

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