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The LG Tab Book 11TA740-GA50K tries to impress us with powerhouse innards.

South Korean device maker LG has just unveiled a new offering, the LG Tab Book 11TA740-GA50K. This model is not only one of the biggest Android tablets out there, it’s also one of the most powerful.

If you’ve never heard what a “Tab Book” is, it’s LG’s lineup of convertible tablet models that can slide and transform into a laptop form factor. The new LG Tab Book sports a display that measures 11.6 inches with a 1920×1080 HD resolution. If I may say, I think the device is confused whether it should be a tablet or a notebook. Apparently, it appears to be a tablet on the outside running with a noticeably previous generation Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. But as you will later find out, it’s guts suggest that it could do well as a notebook — the device’s built-in keyboard that can slide from the back also adds to the notebook feel.

So let’s get down to it’s powerful innards. The LG Tab Book measures 11.2 x 7.6 x 0.66 inches weighing 2.3 lbs. The non-detachable keyboard contributes to the bulk. But if you look at it from a notebook perspective, it’s still 0.6 lbs lighter than the Macbook Air. It comes equipped with a whopping 2.6 GHz Intel Haswell Core i5 with Intel Graphics 4000 paired with a whopping 4 GB RAM. Did you notice I mentioned “whopping” twice? That’s because internal specs of this caliber are very rarely seen in tablets. It also has a very generous 128 GB SSD storage (beat that!) and support for two USB 3.0 ports, MicroUSB, and HDMI.

All of its features suggest that this device should be a Windows tablet or even an Ultrabook, but LG chose to have Android to come with it. Actually, the South Korean company already has a similar machine that runs Windows OS, it’s called the Tab Book2. That device also has a slide-out keyboard, a full HD display and was launched at the Consumer Electronics Show back in January. So this latest version is probably intended to give customers a broader range of options.

On the other hand, perhaps it’s hard not to say that the LG Tab Books is sort of an overkill. Currently, there are no games or apps available in Google Play that can maximize the processing power of this tablet hybrid. To say the least, the Tab Book can be considered as future-proof; although LG did not specify whether they intend to have the device run Android 4.4 KitKat in the future.

To wrap it up, the company has still yet to divulge the release date and price for the LG Tab Book. But given that it’s Windows counterpart sells for around $ 1,800, we can expect that this Android variant will be slightly cheaper. Of course, with hardcore features it’s furnished with, it will never be the cheapest tablet on the market.


Photo Credit: LG Korea

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PC racing gamers will now have a peek on Project Cars’ system requirements. Rev up your graphics cards, dust your rigs, and let the games begin as Project Cars will be coming out this November. The game will be released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Project Cars developer, Slightly Mad Studios finally revealed the system requirements in order for their new racing game to play on your PC’s.  So if you are thinking about buying the game once it is out this November, you might want to think this through and check your system’s current hardware.

Minimum Requirements

CPU: 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Quad Q8400, 3.0 GHz AMD Phenom II X4 940
GRAPHICS: NVidia GTX 260, ATI Radeon HD 5770

Recommended Specs:

CPU: 3.5 GHz Intel Core i7 3700, 4.0 GHz AMD FX-8350
GRAPHICS:  NVidia GT600 series, AMD Radeon HD7000 series

Slightly Mad Studios also branded their game as “The most technologically advanced racing game on the planet”. However, these system requirements are pretty much average. Most gamers will be able to run the game smoothly without any problem.

There are lots of praises being thrown at Project Cars lately. Well, you simply can’t blame them. Project Cars has one of the most stunning visuals ever produced in a racing game. Aside from that, it was also based on real racing technicalities. Slightly Mad Studios took the time to meet real racers and let them take a good rip of the racing game. So you will have the chance to experience real racing on your very own gaming equipment.

There are high expectations for this game.  We have already mentioned about Bandai Namco taking care of the game’s distribution needs. Their E3 trailers are also exceptionally captivating. You can check right here to see similar stories about the game.

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Great news for all Sword Art Online (SAO) fans! You can now get some cool toys and otaku collectibles of your favorite Sword Art Online Characters.

San Diego Comic-Con’s bestselling collectibles include Kirito, Asuna, and Sword Art Online II’s Sinon. You can check some of the pictures featured in San Diego Comic-Con.




Here in this picture, Kirito (real world name, Kazuto Kirigaya) wields his twin blade.  Check out the details on this one. High quality item right here.  Kazuto Kirigaya is just your ordinary gamer. Set up in a Virtual Reality game, he embarked on a journey which he thought was just a game, until it became a game of death.



In this picture is Asuna, the “Flash” and the leader of the Knights of Blood. She was called the “Flash” due to her immense speed when taking down monsters on the first arc of Sword Art Online. She was trapped in a bird cage during the time of Alfheim Online, which ended up being saved by Kirito. You can also get her in her Titania-Avatar in San Diego Comic-Con. It is so cute, I had to punch a wall to get my manliness back.



This is Sinon, Sword Art Online II’s (also known as Gun Gale Online) new protagonist. Sinon or Shino Asada in the real world is one badass sniper in the game. Kirito was hired to investigate the guy named “Death Gun” who was responsible for several deaths within the game, which lead to real world deaths. Sinon will be tagging around with Kirito to solve the crimes. Check out that hair and awesome cloth details.

You can purchase all these otaku collectibles along with thousands of incredible toys in San Diego Comic-Con.

According to Oricon, Sword Art Online was the top selling light novels during 2012. It is not surprising to see Sword Art Online Booth getting swarmed by fans during San Diego Comic-Con.

Sword Art Online II (Gun Gale Online) was released earlier this July. You can now watch some of its episodes being released every Saturday.

photo credits:

Tokyo Otaku Mode Facebook page

John Romero has been around for quite some time, but what really made him an icon was his work for the Doom and Wolfenstein series of games, back when he was still working for id Software. So it pays to listen to him when he speaks, just like recently, when he said that PCs were solidly spanking gaming consoles in the electronic butt. However, the largest reason isn’t because PC games have better graphics or gameplay or anything else; it’s because PC games are often less expensive (at times, free) and  the platform, more open than most consoles are.

According to Romero, free-to-play games and Steam games that cost just around five bucks are PC’s biggest draws. And this is just through price. He also said that PC was responsible for putting a lot of AAA studios out of business, based on this alone, and may be the reason why some studios release PC versions of their games.

He points out the shareware system done in Doom, Wolfenstein, and Quake as an example. Back then, these games were handed out free-to-play (shareware) and these games were given free of charge. His premise was why pay for a game you don’t like? The first episode of the game was given free. If the player liked it enough, then he could pay for the entire game. The design on the first episode was the same as the entire game, so in a way, fair play was given to the players. Putting those games on shareware was revolutionary, since before shareware, games didn’t have demos and CD-ROM was just beginning to be used as a medium.
However, free-to-play games have always been criticized for what they bring design-wise. Games like these, though, are getting developed even better now, thanks to developers learning from mistakes. They’ve started to master the system so that it all becomes fair to the player buying or getting this game as a freeware.

Romero further explains that he believes the day will come when every free-to-play game will be welcomed with open arms. He calls the way they’ve designed free-to-play as “freemium”, where games are designed with quality in mind, and the day will come when people will want the standard of free-to-play that they are creating. Game designers are trying to come up with ways to make people want to pay money for the game, not force people to pay money for a game that’s half-heartedly designed.

Another element he cites as a reason for PC’s go-ahead over gaming consoles is because of the “closed” nature of consoles, most notably the two dominating consoles, the PS4 and the Xbox One.

By “closed” nature, Romero meant that these consoles take a long time (a year or more) to come full circle. With PCs, evolution is constant, and best of all, there is backward compatibility. Say, you have a modern PC and you wanted to play a game from the 80’s or 90’s, you probably can. If you wanted a faster PC or wanted to play a next-gen game, all you have to do is modify your system, upgrade with a few components like graphic cards or memory, and you’re set. Your PC will probably even have a set-up to rival even the systems of PS4 or Xbox One.

As for what is the latest news with Doom, the game is set to come out on the PS4, the Xbox One, and the PC. No details for the exact date has been set just yet.

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Sabina Altenbekova’s cuteness knows no boundaries. Imagine the possibility if she were a video game character.

Sabina Altynbekova, a team member from the Kazakhstan Women’s National Volleyball team, managed to gain the attention of men around the globe after a photo of her during her team’s match in Taipei, Tawain, circulated online.

Majority of male netizens know her, of course, as a Volleyball player, but what if she were a video game character? Sabina Altynbekova is a sight to behold. If you are an avid gamer or anime fan, I bet you have already pictured her as the lead or supporting character of a game.

Anyway let’s try to think of games that she can be a part of. Here’s my list.

  • Survival Horror Game

The first thing that comes to my mind is she can be part of Resident Evil or something similar. Imagine her shooting, stabbing and mutilating a zombie, the badass way!

  • Rival School

Remember this old school fighting game? What about the character here named Natsu Ayuhara? That’s right! Instead of Natsu, Sabina will be the character and watch her as she kicks another dude’s behind. There’s nothing cooler than a woman beating down a man in a fighting game.

  • Syphon Filter

We’ve imagined her in a fighting game and a survival horror game, but what about being a secret agent? Try Lian Xing in the famous PlayStation 1 game Syphon Filter. She’ll sneak behind enemies and stun them with a Taser or help Gabe Logan on his missions. I think Sabina Altynbekova would look cool in a black leather outfit or similar to those they wore on spy movies.

  • RPG games a la Final Fantasy or something similar

She can be the lead female character like Lenneth from Valkyrie Profile, Rinoa from FF8, Princess Garnett of FF9 or much better Yuna in FFX. Maybe she can also be a supporting female character like Yuffie from FF7 and so on.

The possibilities are endless if you ask me. What about you? Do you have any thoughts on what game she can be perfect on?


Photo source:

Credits to Ms. Sabina Altynbekova

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The Karbonn A50S is an Android phone that can be yours for the low, low price of $ 45

India-based low-cost device manufacturer Karbonn has a new budget handset up their sleeve, the Karbonn A50S is a really modest model that will probably never replace your precious iPhone or Samsung phone. But it does have a captivating selling point — it’s available for about $ 45 only (approx. £ 26).

Let us not judge the handset yet, for the most part, it tries hard to deliver as much specs as the sub $ 50 price can accommodate. The Karbonn A50S is equipped with a 1.2 GHz dual core processor, 256 MB RAM, 512 MB internal memory, and surprisingly, both rear and front-facing cameras. It also comes pre-installed with Google apps like Gmail and Maps.

The device mainly caters to the Indian market, where low-cost smartphones are all the rage now. Karbonn enjoys a 10% market share in the said country. But Samsung, in fact, holds the majority with more than one third of the market. That is due to their budget models including the popular Samsung Galaxy Star. Another major competitor is the Nokia X, but Karbonn’s latest offering is still half the price of the low-cost, Android-powered Nokia model.

The Karbonn A50S, as mentioned, is furnished with a MediaTek 1.2 GHz processor. Although the 512 MB internal storage is less than mediocre, users can add to that by inserting a MicroSD card with up to 32 GB capacity. The rear and front-facing cameras are 2 and 0.3 megapixels, respectively. The display measures 3.5 inches diagonally with a resolution of 320×480. The handset is powered by Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

While the device lacks GPS and NFC, it makes up for it by including two SIM card slots. It also features the staple Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and FM radio. Unfortunately, the Karbonn A50S is not capable of 3G connectivity.

Though you can definitely save a lot by owning this phone, it’s probably not the best option if you truly want (at least) an average smartphone experience. But it’s interesting to know that you can buy around 20 Karbon A50s units for the price of one high-end model like the Samsung Galaxy S5 or the iPhone 5S.

U.K. consumers can already get a hold of these budget phones, albeit in a quite complicated manner. They would have to register with an Indian courier first; doing so will require using a postal address in India, be it a relative or a friend. Afterwards, they can purchase the device online using the address credentials in India and have it delivered directly to their UK address. It is reported that the Karbonn A50S is slated to be launched in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa in the next few months.


Photo Credit: