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Developer Digital Extremes has recently released an update of their free-to-play cooperative shooter game, Warframe. The patch, dubbed Update 14: The Mad Cephalon, is a big update packed with new quests, weapons, companions, and a brand new Warframe profile.

The update will feature a brand new user interface. The Quest will guide new players to the game, providing essential information on gameplay, modes, guns, and menus. Players can now board their own personal spaceship, The Liset, where they can access major systems, menus and other components.

One interesting new feature is that players can now raise their own Kubrow, by collecting the egg and incubating it in the Genetic Foundry. Each Kubrow will have its own personality and set of skills. You can make them more effective in combat by taking care of them like a pet and equipping them with link mods.

The coolest part of this patch is definitely the addition of the new Warframe profile, Mirage. She is the master of illusion, using her environment to manipulate the enemies around her. Watch her flashy moves in this cool video:

The patch will include a new PvP game mode that will replace the existing Solar Rails conflict game mode. You can choose which Clan or Alliance you want to side with and play the role of an attacker or defender on the mission, with up to four human players per side.

In addition, brand new weapons such as the Akzani and Silva and Aegis will be made available.

Here is the rest of the update log:

NEW USER EXPERIENCE – A meaningful Quest walks new players through Warframe, providing essential information on gameplay, lore, game modes and menus. Experience a re-imagined user interface and menus. Players have a place in the Solar System aboard their personal spacecraft, The Liset. Upon completing the ‘Vor’s Prize’ Quest, major systems, menus, and components can be accessed through devices aboard the ship!

KUBROWS – A new Quest unlocks a Genetic Foundry used for breeding biological specimens on your ship! Breed a Kubrow by collecting a Kubrow egg and incubating it in the Genetic Foundry. Different Kubrow personality types have different combat and non-combat abilities. Make your Kubrow more combat effective by caring for it and equipping powerful link mods. Create genetic imprints of your Kubrow that you can trade with fellow Tenno and combine to create your perfect pet!

NEW WARFRAME – A master of illusion, Mirage confounds the enemy in a spectacle of style and power. Mirage ‘s powers include:
Hall of Mirrors – Mirage creates an entourage of doppelgangers to distract and confuse the enemy.
Sleight of Hand – A natural prankster, Mirage booby-traps nearby objects.
Eclipse – Standing in light, Mirage becomes the main attraction, dealing heavy damage — while the shadows make Mirage difficult to track and even harder to hurt.
Prism – Fires an energy orb that shoots lasers in all directions. Activating again detonates the bomb, blinding nearby foes.

QUESTS – Explore re-playable Quests with unlockable difficulty selection. This new Warframe experience opens with the debut ‘Vor’s Prize’ Quest.

NEW DARK SECTORS CONFLICT – Introducing a new player-versus-player game mode to replace the existing Solar Rails conflict game mode. Choose which Clan or Alliance you wish to support and play the role of Attacker or Defender on a multi-staged objective mission! Up to four human players per side, with empty player slots auto-filled by Spectres.

AKZANI – The choice weapon of Mirage, these fast-firing dual pistols deliver a deadly performance.
SILVA AND AEGIS – a Sword and Board style weapon created from the concept of our Community Melee Design Contest Winner – SilverBones.

EXPANDED GAME MODES – The Infested have overtaken Eris. Hive Sabotage, Exterminate, and Survival Game Modes now available!

Image Source: Warframe

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For the careful sorcerer, spells are not enough. Different Soul Sacrifice Bosses require different strategies and spells. This is where enchantments know as Sigils come into play. These are extra bonuses that modify and improve certain spells and attributes of our nameless sorcerer. Here is TheBitBag’s guide to using them.

There are countless Sigils available within the game. Each one contains various effects that can even be boosted based on your sorcerer build.

But in order to obtain Sigils, essences are required. These are residual wastes from sacrificing or saving a monster. There are six variants to them:

SE           LE

SE+         LE+

SE++      LE++

Assume you have pawned a ghoul and you sacrifice the monstrosity. Apart from having your offerings replenished, you gain one SE which stands for soul essence. The same can be said with saving it. Instead, you get life essences.

These life and soul essences are prerequisites to using a sigil on your arm. And just as there are different sigils, the soul and life essences needed for them differ. Here is an example.

The smart sorcerer plans his next bout. He reads on his foe and prepares his offerings. But when it comes to sigils, you cannot use what you do not have. This entails some grinding from the game. Here are a couple of tips to help the earnest sorcerer.


  1. The higher the difficulty, the higher the plus – although this is not guaranteed all the time, one stands a higher chance of obtaining the rare + and ++ essences from archfiends on higher difficulties. One must really pour in their share of due diligence.
  2. Start with Sortiara – What does she have to do with this, you ask? Her life and soul essences create one of the earliest sigils which is the Arm of the Mad Witch.This is a sigil that amplifies your sacrifices. This means you have a better chance of getting better essences with this sigil. A sigil to farm sigils, if you may.
  3. Go Online – As one may find, the higher the difficulty, they harder it is to kill. Boss rounds set at the highest difficulty are usually PAIRS of archfiends. Yes that’s right. Two of them. At the same time. Coming at you. This is why going online and seeking help from sorcerers of other IP addresses is a great help. Teaming up to slay tougher fiends on difficulties you’ve never been on before will greatly boost your chances of getting that + and ++.


With this guide in mind, we can assure you of an easier time hunting down those essences to help complete your collection of Sigils. The more Sigils you own, the more variety you can exercise in your strategies. Who knows? You might be that other sorcerer needed by someone else.

(All photos were taken on my PS Vita and uploaded from the same device.)

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Since the successful and blockbuster hit of The Avengers movie last 2012 and the confirmation of the sequel on that same year, fans from the MCU (or Marvel Cinematic Universe) and Marvel comics are excited for next year’s release of The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The Avengers: Age of Ultron characters are about to make an appearance in this year’s comic con 2014.  Mark Ruffalo (The Hulk) said on an interview in Collider that “We’re working. We’re shooting. We’re gonna stop and get on a plane and go to Comic Con together. It’s gonna be amazing”.

In The Avengers: Age of Ultron, the main antagonist here is Ultron, a robot that developed a consciousness and wants to wipe out all humans in the planet. The film will feature recurring heroes from the first movie The Avengers : Tony Stark, Captain America, The Hulk, Thor, Director Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Hawkeye and Black Widow, but there will be new additions to the team – Scarlet Witch, a mutant who can manipulate probability with her “hexes”;  She can use them to light flammable objects, deflect objects, create force fields etc. which will be played by Elizabeth Olsen,  and Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Quicksilver, also a mutant and the twin brother of Scarlet Witch, who is capable of moving at superhuman speed.

Ultron was created by Hank Pym (Ant-Man) but sadly, we won’t have a backstory for that in the film. Ant-man was already scheduled for a cinematic debut right after Avengers and will be directed by Peyton Reed. It was revealed that they will be making their own story of the origin of Ultron. However, other fans speculated that the only possible scenario for the origin would be, Tony Stark creates an Artificial Intelligence that would help them defend the world from evil forces and prevent the disaster that happened in New York City on the first film from happening again. Later on, that A.I. develops a mind of its own and decided to eliminate and destroy all human beings on earth, thus the origin of Ultron or maybe there are other villains involved with the creation of Ultron, who knows…

There are also rumors that Marvel will show its fans footage from the movie The Avengers: Age of Ultron at Comic Con 2014.


Photo source (Facebook)

Credits to Marvel

Modern Combat 5 fans, here’s what we got for you! You will surely be glad to know that Gameloft has released another trailer for the game, ahead of its release on the 24th July 2014.

The official blog post from Gameloft said that the game will be for £4.99 at launch and will contain No IAPs.

Accompanying texts of the video tell us that the game will be launched on Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS later this week.

Main Features Of The Game

In case you need a fresher, here are the main features of Modern Combat 5: Blackout as enumerated by Gameloft:

- Four character classes: Assault, Sniper, Heavy, and Recon, each with their own set of skills to upgrade.

- Unified progression system: One character across both multiplayer and single player missions. Each mission or multiplayer match earns XP that goes towards levelling-up your class and mastering your weapons.

- Spec-Ops Missions: Short, fun, and objective based. Objectives such as covering your allies, clearing a building, eliminating a single target, and many more!


- New Single player features: Manually control your sniper rounds in-flight, scouting enemies behind cover with a scanning drone, and reviving downed team members! “MEDIC!”

- New Squad vs Squad multiplayer: MC5 will let players party up with friends (or your dream team of friendly randoms!) to battle other squads from all over the world.

- Multiplayer matches of up to 6 v 6: More players, more mayhem!

- Two Kill streak packages with 6 different abilities: Airstrike, Bomber, Assistant drone, Auto-turret, EMP, and Recon Helicopter.

- Global and Squad chat: Discuss tactics with your squad, or just keep up with your friends around the world!

- Highly Improved Graphics: Real-time shadows, Ragdoll physics, SSAO, Soft particles, Spherical harmonics, and many more improvements.

For more information about the upcoming Modern Combat 5 Blackout, stay tuned with us!

(Photos courtesy of Gameloft)

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Apart from the unique gameplay, Soul Sacrifice has changed the way we look at otherwise cliché choices in the boss industry. They took some old, familiar names and made them badder; in a good way. Here is TheBitBag’s look at some of these horrendous masterpieces


The Harpy

Yes, we had to get eaten to get this shot. You’re welcome.

Online lore describes Harpies as beautiful beasts. Gorgeous women with wonderful busts with bodies that can rip a grown man to shreds like a guitar solo. We would be happy dating a Harpy; very cheap dates. Just throw chocolates at them. They are the perfect combination of babe and boss rolled into one.

According to Soul Sacrifice lore, the Harpy started out as a beautiful woman, but due to a broken heart and a broken appetite, turned into one of the most unsettling bosses you would have to face early within the game.

The design shows a fat physique on top of a featherless bird. A formerly beautiful woman now made ugly with fangs and purple drool. It’s obvious she started out fat before she became a monster. We love the curls, though. They add a nice touch to her. It gives her a sort of tantrum-ish charm when you drop her HP to low levels and she starts stomping around. Don’t forget the hideous hole in her chest. When she starts sucking (literally), keep a distance and pray she vacuums someone else in before you.



The Phoenix

Most people would expect a bird. Pretty straightforward, right? The symbol of fiery immortality has been a common occurrence in games. When you say Phoenix, gamers will probably await respawns or revivals.

Soul Sacrifice took a nice turn here and didn’t use a bird as their archetype. No sir. They used a moth for this boss. The story behind the Phoenix is an interesting one as well. It still is connected to eternal life though. And the boss fight is a bit stressful. It uses attacks that kill itself and you. If you don’t time your shields or your dodges right, you’ll end up dead.


The Unicorn

Yes you’re reading this right. You have to fight a Unicorn in the game. As opposed to the usual background and image of a Unicorn, Soul Sacrifice gives it a bad-ass, antagonistic touch. This makes it easier to open up a can of beatdown on it without the guilty feeling.

This monster stems from an over-paranoid warrior who gets himself a suit of armor and becomes one with it. Leave it to the writers of Soul Sacrifice to come up with something as disturbing as that.


The Hydra

We all know the drill. Don’t cut off the heads individually. We’ve read it, played it, watched it, and probably even coached it on a few video games while watching our younger sibling do it wrong. The serpent with several heads has been a staple in most games. Even the notion of regenerating heads is kept intact.

Imagine a swordsman that can wield nine blades at the same time. Pretty good, right? Now mutate the poor fellow and turn him his hands into snakes with blades coming out of their mouths and an exposed digestive system underneath all that bulk. Still pretty good.

We would love to walk through all of the available bosses in the game but that would spoil the fun for everyone else. The BitBag expects more creative surprises like this in future developments and titles from the makers of this great title for the PS Vita.



All photos were taken on my PS Vita and uploaded from the same device.

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In what seems to be an odd move, Germany-based developer and gaming company, Bigpoint Games, have decided to acquire Little World Studio, a mobile game developer based in Lyon, France.

Two years ago, Bigpoint stepped away from mobile game development after a restructuring of their management which included the resignation of their founder and CEO, Heiko Hubertz. But it seems that the new management has different plans this time as they chose to get a foot on the mobile gaming industry.

In an interview with Techcrunch, Khaled Helioui, who became the new CEO of Bigpoint after Hubertz’ resignation, said “the decision to stop mobile development was perceived as counterintuitive back then, rightly so considering the market trends, but we needed to focus our talent on our existing portfolio to rebuild the processes we then lacked as a foundation to develop better titles.”

He mentions that they needed to focus on producing high-quality games, which has always been one of the company’s core values. This time, the German firm feels they are ready to reenter the world of mobile games.

Little Worlds Studio has more than 10 years of experience in developing mobile games. Some of their popular titles include Mana Crusher and Color Cross. After the acquisition, Helioui says the public should expect new and original content from the developer. He did not disclose any details about the acquisition though.

Despite the venture, Helioui believes that they are still in a challenging situation. “There is no denying that market conditions remain challenging for most players,” he says. “While the games industry is expected to grow by 8 percent this year, reaching 81 billion USD, the vast majority of that growth is concentrated in Asia, with over 80 percent of the growth, from a geographic standpoint and on mobile platform wise in the west.”

Image Source: Bigpoint Official