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Developer of Fallout New Vegas, Obsidian Entertainment, has been working on their upcoming RPG Pillars of Eternity for quite some time now. The Kickstarter-funded project, dubbed “Project Eternity,” started in 2012 and was able to raise nearly $4 million during its campaign and together with its funding through PayPal, it eventually grew to $4,163,208. The project has way exceeded its target goal and is currently the second most-funded RPG game in Kickstarter.

Since then, little has been heard from the game except for a couple of minor updates here and there. But now we have good news for those patiently waiting for the game—if you are one of the 73,986 backers who have pledged on its campaign that is.

The developers have just announced that they that they will be opening the Backer Beta. This means only people who have contributed in its Kickstarter campaign are only allowed access. In the update post, Obsidian mentioned that the game will be released for the backers next month, on August 18. In the meantime, the developers will keep us posted on any news including the next big update.

“With production moving into the finalization phase for Eternity, the team and I are hunkering down to finish up the game over the next few months. Going forward, we will be spacing out our backer updates a bit more from now until the project ships. They’ll come a bit less predictably, but you can still expect updates as we have big announcements or special news for you. This will really help us focus as much of our efforts into putting out the best game we possibly can for everyone.


“We will be releasing our Backer Beta on August 18th. As we mentioned above, we will get into all of the specifics about the Backer Beta in our next update. Be on the lookout for it over the next month.”

Eternity is fantasy role-playing game set in a dark world filled with magical creatures as you embark on a journey to explore Baldur’s Gate. You get to choose one of the six playable races: Human, Aumaua, Dwarf, Elf, Godlike, and Orlan. You also have a range of unique classes to choose from.

No official word has come from the developer or publisher on when the game will enter open beta or be released but it’s expected to be sometime this year.

To know more about Pillars of Eternity, you can go visit their official website.

Image Source: Obsidian

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The Sony PlayStation 4 and the Microsoft Xbox One have indeed been at it even before the launch. The rumors, press releases, trailers and leaks have all seemed to be one big argument between the two console developers.

Still, the console wars aside, I’m not getting a PS4 or even an Xbox One anytime soon. Here are my reasons why:

1. Not enough games to make the purchase worth my time.

Most of the games that have come out for the PlayStation 4 are remakes for previous PS3 titles. Why is this the case? As Sony’s usual MO, they don’t make backwards-compatible consoles. You can still play all your old games—if you buy them again on the PlayStation Network. If you ask me, I don’t want to pay for a game twice even if it’s cheaper the second time around.

2. It’s the first generation PlayStation 4.

One thing that I’ve learned about buying new hardware or technology is that first generation consoles and devices always have the huge potential for hardware and software bugs. Yes, I’m looking at you, Apple.  The developers and manufacturers are still learning how to improve the whole system so betting all my money on a first generation console isn’t a very wise decision for me.

3. The PlayStation 4 is still too expensive and not worth the enjoyment I can get from it.

At roughly $450 without a separate controller for a second player and games that average $20-$30, you can expect to pay around $700 on the whole gaming system with only a few games from an available pool. I think it’s better to wait for more games to be published for the PS4 before I get one soon.

4.They are still producing games for the PS3.

Unless you’re absolutely dying to play Infamous Second Son, you technically have a lot more games to play on earlier consoles like the PS3 or even the Xbox 360. Of the 91 titles available on the PS4, you can find most of them on the PS3, the PC and even Xbox 360.

Do you think the PlayStation 4 has been hyped too much? Or would you rather stick with your PC? Drop me a comment and let’s discuss!

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Customize and get quick access to your device's most awesome features by downloading the best Android widget apps

One of the distinct features that separate Android-powered devices from the rest is the Android widget. Widgets provide a quick way for users to access information and other features of their devices right from the homescreen or lockscreen. There are widgets that display the weather, others for writing quick notes, turning on a digital torch, and lots more. If you don’t want to scour Google Play looking for which Android widget to download, read on.


This Android widget app allows you to choose a home screen widget from its collection of six weather widgets. One of its best offerings is the 1Weather Tabbed option where you can obtain all essential details about your location’s forecast. It also lets you switch between hourly, detailed, or extended views. The widget’s appearance can also be personalized according to your preference. 1Weather is free on the Play Store but you may choose to shell out $ 1.99 for ad-free version.

Beautiful Widgets

This Android widget is one of the earliest releases in its category. It first came around when Android users were looking for an alternative to the then-popular HTC Sense camera widget. Beautiful Widgets offers an amazing clock-weather combination widget which is also customizable.

Google Keep

Of course, tech giant Google would never allow any list to leave out an entry bearing their ever-present name. Their popular note-taking app, Google Keep, unsurprisingly has an Android widget feature that you can install on your homescreen. In fairness to the megacompany, their note-taking widget allows a faster method of jotting down quick lists, to-do’s, thoughts, and even audio and images.

BaconReader for Reddit

Reddit prides itself by being the “front page of the Internet.” That cute kitten video that your middle school classmate will share on Facebook two weeks from now, you can probably find it on Reddit right now. As such, BaconReader for Reddit allows you to scroll the “hottest news” from the Reddit website right from your device’s homescreen. This Android widget is also resizable and lets you choose which subsection to display.

Holo Bulb

Holo Bulb is a digital torch app intended to focus on a reduced CPU resource usage and responsiveness. Its minimalist, 1×1 Android widget interface readily delivers a single purpose; one tap and your phone or tablet’s camera flash will immediately light up. It’s a handy feature if you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night looking for your glasses or the light switch.


July 2014: 5 Best New Android Apps You Need To Know About

4 Of The Best Google Drive Add-Ons You Must Use Now

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The PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One have both only come out last November, but so far, each has had its own discussion; it is truly baffling, however, to see that the PlayStation has more positive articles written about it than the Xbox One. That, and the fact that the Xbox One, while boasting graphical superiority and other more beneficial features than the Xbox One, seems to be lagging in sales ever since they came out. PS4 has continued strong, outselling the Xbox One by a large margin.

image courtesy of

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It is funny that this should happen, since in some channels, Microsoft did have dominance over the PS3 last time we checked. The PlayStation 3 pretty much sputtered from the onset, but did manage to get back in the race on time. The Xbox 360, meanwhile, dominated from the onset, and people would remember that fact that before the PlayStation managed to chase after the Xbox, the Xbox was king. That luck, sadly, remains to be seen rubbing off on the Xbox One, which has suffered exponentially against the PlayStation 4 in sales.

Price may have been one of the greatest reasons for the Xbox One’s troubles. While it did lower its once-steep price in order to duke it out with the PlayStation 4, it did unbundle the Kinect from its package. While people would say that the Kinect is unwanted baggage anyway, taking it out of the box package still lowered the value for price of the Xbox One, and users felt they had a large portion of that value with the PlayStation 4 anyway, lacking peripherals aside. Another element may be the way that Sony had handled their marketing strategy.

Since Sony recognizes how big social media has become over the years, they have encouraged users to share their ideas through solicited feedbacks via social channels. Games will always be the main driver, but hearing out from the gamers every once and a while, and actually listening to them, may work to the console’s advantage.

It’s not all social media, though. Sony did spend more than Microsoft in regards with marketing. They made use of events like the E3 to both promote their console and further bury Microsoft’s embattled Xbox down to the muck. And with a wider range of markets, Sony enjoys an early lead over Microsoft. Microsoft is hopeful that once they’re able to sell over to these markets, they may take away some of the market shares that Sony is currently reaping.

image courtesy of

image courtesy of

The moves that Xbox are currently doing earns them a 14% growth as compared to a 1% drop in Sony’s sales; a very alarming statistic, if viewed only on paper. In true figures, this is inconsequential. That 14% growth Microsoft’s Xbox enjoyed only puts them at around 71,311 units sold, while that 1% drop? Sony’s already sold 98, 450 units and both of these figures are measurements for only a week. So again, it is inconsequential.

Sure, the Xbox One managed to recover with the unbundling of the Kinect, but Sony has managed to gain the upper hand, and is still enjoying it. Even the Wii U joins the discussion with big sales thanks to the release of the 8th Mario Kart. So far, it remains to be seen how Xbox will do the catching up.

For those who are waiting for Ubisoft’s The Crew, here’s what we got for you!

We know that you will appreciate it, as the game, which is set to launch for PlayStation 4 on November 11 will receive free content regularly!

Yes! You read it right! Creative Director Julian Gerighty announced the good news.

In a new UbiBlog Interview, Gerighty revealed that after the game’s release this fall, they will give it a bunch of new content filled updates that will be downloadable for free.

“One of the things that I really want to do is to keep providing people with content after launch. So free content just to keep people engaged in the game. I really see this as your one-stop shop for action driving,” Gerighty said.

So are you excited to drive?

image2 image3

The Crew, a car driving game is Ubisoft’s upcoming new-gen multiplayer racer. The Crew is a revolutionary action-driving game developed exclusively for next-gen consoles. It takes you and your friends on a reckless ride inside a massive, open-world recreation of the United States.

Since The Crew promises to offer tons exciting features, players can also explore the open road, take part in heated races, go head-to-head against their friends, and much more.

The game will also come in different languages. In the official announcement at posted at the website of the game ( the company said, “As you gear up to explore the vast playground of the United States, we want to make sure that the game provides you with the best experience ever.”

The company announcement said that the game will be available in the following languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese and Russian.

In addition, players can also play the game with subtitles and access the menus in the following languages: Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Finish, Polish and Portuguese (Brazilian).

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Tomodachi Life (Image Credit to xXSlyFoxHoundXx YouTube)

Tomodachi Life is one unique and strange game. It is a Life Simulator game, but in a whole new direction. Just like most Sims games, the Nintendo 3DS game Tomodachi Life is a game where you play god practically. You can observe as they carry over their day-to-day lives. You can provide some guidance on the things and the decisions they make… sometimes. You also feed them and buy them clothes. Provide accessories for their apartment and make them do a couple of things. Very much similar to Sims in a large number of ways.

But it is different from most EA’s Sims in a variety of ways, and possibly, even better. You have a role in the game, and yes, that is YOU, not your virtual self. The characters in Tomodachi Life (referred to as “Mii” people) knows you and they respect you as well. (Well, this depends on your course of actions, but it is hard to make them hate you that much)

Tomodachi Life’s charm shines the brightest with its odd gameplay. The character creation tool is pretty easy to work with. You can even import characters from your created Miis and QR codes. One of the oddities here is that you can pick a synthesized voice for your Mii. Yes. If you’re thinking about making a Mii say something out of your imagination, it can, but of course, profanity is out of the question. They sound funny when they speak, it’s so bad that it feels so good in a kind of way.

You decide their personality, their favorites, provide food, attire, costumes (Yes. Costumes !), and sometimes, you even need to give them medicine, new hair dyes, cameras, tickets for vacation, etc. You can even create your own song and let your Mii sing it in any learned genre of your choice.

While that sounds pretty much like Sims, there’s more to that for Tomodachi Life. The game is about uncertainty amongst things. There are tons of surprises for you to see here, like your Miis dreaming about weird stuff, a relationship developing without the player even noticing. Friendships pops out like crazy and before you know it, there’s already some romantic things going on.

It doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to control what’s going to happen. You can still give them advice on things like these, but who knows if they will follow your words? Twists may even take place on such matters like a second suitor with a relationship to be made in the future.

Tomodachi Life is indeed a simulation game, and it even has most things that a sim game needs to have, but it doesn’t purely focus on that. Your Miis might get hungry, but they won’t die from not eating for a couple of hours, or even not talking to anybody for days.

The game is best enjoyed by watching things unfold before you. It is not a game that you would play non-stop for hours, but a game that you pick up and play, leave, then go back. Rinse and repeat. It is a game where you can try to play God, but cannot be on its full extent. You’re more of an observer rather than a director, and that what makes the game very unconventional and unique in a good way.