2011 Holiday Gift Guide: Technology

It’s that time of the year again and we’ve done our best to pick out some of the best gadgets and technology for the holiday rush. We’ve got phones, tablets, RC copters and headphones. We’ve included pricing and links for your to purchase these items to make it a bit easier. Cyber Monday is here, so get ready to spend some more of that hard earned cash!

Kanex AirBlue


Looking to play your music around your house or your car but don’t have an iPod doc? Kanex AirBlue is a bluetooth wireless receiver that allows you to hook up your iPod to your home or car stereo. Transmission works up to 30 feet.

Price: $49.99
Available: Amazon.com

D-Link Home Network Camera


The D-Link Home Network Camera allows you to monitor your home remotely using an iPad, iPhone or Android based device. It also works on PC’s and MACs. Will work in day or night over wifi N or Ethernet and includes a microphone.

Price: $59.00
Compatibility: iPhone, iPad or Android
Available: Amazon.com

Helo TC


This tiny little RC copter allows you to control it with an iPod, iPhone or iPad. It uses IR for communication and has an IR blaster that you can hook up to your iPod/iPad.



Price: $49.98
Compatibility: iPhone, iPod and iPad:
Available: Amazon.com

Swann Micro Hornet


The Micro Hornet is one of the worlds smallest RC copters. It has a gyro for stable controls, spare rotor blades and flashing lights. Comes with a remote control.



Price: $69.99
Available: Swann.com

Munito 9mm Billets MW3 Edition


These kevlar coated earphones come in the shape of a 9mm bullet round. They have 24k Gold-Plated plugs, an in-line mic and laser etched MW3 logo.


Available: Munitio.com

HTC Flyer with Scribe


One of HTC’s first 7 inch tablets, the Flyer sports a 1.5ghz cpu, 16gb of storage, GPS, WiFi and a 5mp camera. It works with HTC’s Scribe pen.


Price:$534.95, Scribe sold separately $62.00
System: Android with HTC Sense
Available: Amazon.com

HTC Amaze 4G


This new 4G and Wifi capable phone from HTC also sports a 4.33" qHD screen, 2mp Front facing camera and a dual-core 1.5ghx Snapdragon S3 processor. It also includes an 8mp camera with 1080p HD video recording.


Price: $199 with a 2yr contract with T-Mobile
System: Android
Available: Amazon.com

Coloud Colors Headphones


These cool headphones come in multiple colors, have a remote control to control your music and even a built in microphone.



Price: $44.95
Available: Amazon.com



The Twist360 is a universal table accessory. Works with iPad, Galazy Tabe, Xoom, Kindle Fire and that Playbook thing. Enables horizontal, vertical andn even headrest mounting in cars.

Price: $39.99
Available: Bracketron.com

Lenovo Multimedia Remote with Keyboard


This fully functional 3 button mouse with full QWERTY keyboard allows you to control your PC from your couch. You can control at a distance of up to 30ft. Features a backlight and uses 2ghz RF for connectivity.

Price: $66.88
Available: Amazon.com

James Kong
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