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Samsung Galaxy S5 may offer the latest and amazing features but it is nowhere near perfect. Here are the most common issues you may experience with the expensive smartphone and simple ways to work around them.

Missing Download Booster

Sadly, certain network carriers in the United States removed the unique Download Booster on Galaxy S5 which prevents users to utilise Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity on downloading large files. AT&T, Sprint and Verizon removed the feature on their Galaxy S5 models.

1. Switch to T-Mobile or U.S. Cellular since their models feature Download Booster.
2. Wait till third-party developers create effective rooting kits for those variants which may restore the feature.

Water Resistance

IP 67 on Galaxy S5 delivers complete protection against dust and resistance to water. However, water pressure is not covered by the ingress protection rating so users must be careful on submerging the device in water.

1. Do not dunk or throw the device in water as pressure may damage internal parts.
2. Dry out the device using a towel, then place it in a container full of rice. Make sure the device is turned off.
3. Do not turn on the device for 24 to 48 hours. Let the rice do its trick for Galaxy S5.
4. For fixing the damages, go the nearest service centre to have the device restored.

Performance Lag

Galaxy S5 may have the latest hardware and newer software version but the TouchWiz UI remains heavy that can cause some sluggishness.

1. Change the default Home Launcher into Nova, Apex or something else from the Play Store.
2. Turn off special animations to smoothen performance. Press and hold on a blank space on the home screen > Home screen settings > Transition effect > None. Go to Settings > Lock screen > Unlock effect > None.
3. Reduce display factors such as less widgets and using static wallpapers.
4. Reduce transitions by going to Settings > Developer options > Windows animation scale/Transition animation scale/Animator duration scale > Off or 0.5x. If the Developer options is the not present, go to Settings > About device > Tap Build Version seven times.
5. Turn off the S Voice to speed up Home Button performance. Double tap the Home key > S Voice > Settings > Uncheck Open via the home key.
6. Set syncing of apps and services manually to prevent slowdown whenever your device is connected to the Internet. Go to Settings > Accounts > Turn off automatic syncing. Use the in-app settings to manually sync services.
7. Manage bloatware apps and features by going to Settings > Application Manager > All > Select apps you don’t want to use > Disable.

Camera Issues

Galaxy S5 features Rapid Auto-Focus but sometimes shooting may suffer slowdown that is usually affected by the camera settings.

1. Launch the camera app > tap the Gear icon > Turn off Picture Stabilisation. Picture Stabilisation is generally used to improve quality of images under low-light scenes in exchange of longer shutter speed.
2. Some users may experience the notifications “Warning: Camera Failed” that causes the camera app to stop from loading. Here are some quick solutions for it:
a. Restart the device which usually fix almost all issues.
b. Settings > Application Manager > Camera > Force Stop, Clear Cache and Clear Data.
c. Uninstall third-party camera apps that may have caused the glitch.
d. Use internal storage as prime saving area then transfer it later to the SD card.
e. Visit a service centre for the camera may be faulty.

Overheating Issues

Although Galaxy S5 is far from the Galaxy S4 overheating problems, users should be aware that high-class smartphones can generate much heat compared to mid-range devices. Here are some tips to prevent heat from damaging your device.

  1. Apps which cause overheating should be used moderately. If it’s a third-party app, uninstall it.
  2. Video recording using 4K resolution may cause heat on the camera area as processors are working at max. Record 4K videos separately then edit them later.
  3. Never place your device on surfaces under direct heat or sunlight.
  4. Never leave your smartphone inside the car.
  5. Allow the device to breathe by removing cases, covers or other accessories during high gameplay or recharging.

Photo Source: Samsung

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The latest game in the popular Skylanders franchise has been announced by Activision. The game is called Skylanders Trap Team. The game is scheduled for release on October 5, 2014. The really cool feature of this game is that it flips the franchise’s model by allowing its players to trap villains that they have defeated in the video game and allowing them to ‘save’ these villains as real world toys.

Eric Hirschberg, CEO of Activision Publishing mentioned: ‘For the last three years, we’ve allowed players to bring their toys to life inside a video game, now we’re letting them bring their video games to life in the real world.’

Back in 2011, the Skylanders franchise debuted with a game changing model: They allowed kids to play the video games as one of a variety of cartoon monster characters, but only if they actually owned the ‘interaction figure’ of that character and placed in on the ‘Portal of Power’ accessory that was plugged into the game console. In short, if the player has the physical toy, then they can use that character in game.

This made for a two way success, having great sales in not only the video game front, but also for the action figures. It went so well that the Skylander games were rated as the fastest to reach the $2 billion mark for any third party video game.

The newest installment of Skylanders doesn’t deviate too far from its success formula which is to make their game kid friendly and humorous. The game has heroes that stomp, smash and shoot evil villains, but this time, there is another addition. A new accessory called the ‘traptanium portal’ as well as another feature. When players defeat a game boss villain, they can ‘save’ it to a crystal key that is plugged into the portal. Once saved, the players can then release the villain character back into the game and play the said character as a ‘good’ character at any time.

This ensures that a lot of new products are going to be available for players to buy ranging from new character toys as well as the trap portal to trap those really nice villains.

The new game will include more than 40 unique ‘trappable’ villains as well as 60 new playable Skylanders.

This is the game’s official launch trailer.

Photo Source: businesswire media

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Apple & Nike Join Forces for iWatch & FuelBand Wearable

Fitness and technology industry watchers were a bit confused when some negative news about Nike’s Fuelband came out last week. Many saw it as Nike’s inability to compete with the growing number of wearable fitness “bands” and a decision to focus on their core products.

Later reports, however, gave a clearer picture of the plans of Nike. The abandonment of their hardware projects was supposed to clear up the way for Nike to make their Fuelband fitness tracker software, called NikeFuel, available to other hardware manufacturers.

With established and newer players entering the “wearables” market, both as smart devices and fitness trackers, Nike’s position to grow with them is possible with their own Fuelband device out of the picture.

One of the reported partnerships that Nike is entering into, is with the upcoming Apple iWatch ( no word yet if this will be an exclusive arrangement).


The partnership is not surprising to industry analysts, as they point out that Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple Inc. (AAPL), sits on the board of directors of Nike. Reports also noted that Nike is still continuing the development of their NikeFuel software, which indicates that they are indeed staying in the game.

Kejuan Wilkins, a spokesperson for Nike, was also quoted saying that “ Building on these successful products and services, Nike and Apple continue to partner on emerging technologies to create better solutions for all athletes”.

So does this mean that NikeFuel will be fully integrated into the Apple iWatch (or iBand)? And will NikeFuel be available for other wearables?

Analysts think that in the same way that the Kindle store can be accessed not only with the Kindle device, but with the iPad and other tablets as well, NikeFuel will also be accessed in other platforms aside from the iOS  of the iWatch.

Apple insiders emphasize, however, that fitness will be a big part, not only of the iWatch but with the upcoming iOS8 system. An app for the iOS (codenamed: Healthbook) is reported to be a comprehensive fitness monitoring app that will not only record fitness statistics (calories, steps, etc…) but monitor heart rate, blood pressure and glucose levels as well.

The iWatch and NikeFuel partnership will give each other an edge over other smart watches and wearables. Nike will be unburdened with hardware design and manufacture (which Apple does very well), and Apple will have the fitness expertise of Nike.

Another development that bolsters the joining of forces, is the hiring of Ben Shaffer by Apple. Shaffer is Nike’s design director and is known as the leader of the Nike Fuelband team. He will be joining Apple’s iWatch project team.

The iWatch’s thrust in fitness does not mean that it is overlooking the fashion side of the “wearable” industry. Last year, Apple stole Paul Deneve, who was then CEO of fashion company Yves Saint Laurent, and was appointed VP for “special projects” reporting to Tim Cook himself.

Photo Source: https://www.facebook.com/NikeApple

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iPhone 6 Update: Release Date, Latest News and Rumors

Straight to the point:

What? – A totally new iPhone with an entirely new design.

When? – September 2014 or as early as June for the “iPhablet”. Or, as some rumors say, 2015 due to supplier problems.

Cost? – Premium price as usual. What did you expect.

(Concept Video by Tech Radar below. Scroll down if you can’t wait)

The iPhone may very well be considered the most iconic and game-changing device that Apple has created, more than the Mac or any other device. However, through the years, the recent models of the iPhone have all been upgrades to the original one, with improvements in its design and functions.

For the iPhone 6, Apple fans and non-admirers alike, are putting tremendous pressure on the “descendants” of Steve Jobs to come up with a new iPhone, that will have the same impact as the original smartphone. With this massive “push” from industry and consumer sectors, we have been treated to more than the usual rumors and “news” about the iPhone 6′s release date, cost, and specifications.

To give a brief wrap up, here is what we know so far.


Release Date:

With the competition (Samsung, HTC etc..) putting out some good smartphones this year, the wise bet is on Apple to do the same, unless they are willing to risk the loss of market share from these terrific Android devices. June to September 2014 is the most likely time we will see a new iPhone (iPhablet or iPhone 6). Recent rumors, however say, that supplier problems might force Apple to delay the iPhone 6 release all the way to 2015.

Industry analysts predict Apple will use the WWDC event in June 2014, to not only preview the iOS8, but to “release” the iPhablet as well. The iPhone 6 would be most likely unveiled in September, together with the iWatch and the release of the iOS8.

A different prediction, however, is offered by Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at KGI. He believes that a 4.7 inch iPhone will come out first, sometime in the 3rd quarter of 2014, with the 5.5 inch iPhablet in the 4th quarter.


One thing can be stated as fact at this point, the iPhone 6 won’t be cheap. Apple’s philosophy of premium pricing for premium products, has long been followed with the iPhone, and the iPhone 6 or iPhablet will definitely not deviate from this.

Speculations on the actual price put it at US$ 100 Dollars MORE than the latest iPhone model.

Like I said, not cheap.

Specifications and Features? :

No, the question mark is not a typo. We can make some good assumptions with the release date and the price, but the features and specifications of unreleased Apple devices are heavily guarded secrets.

Here is what the iPhone 6 and iPhablet may have, based on leaks and industry speculation.

  • Giant Retina+IGZO Display – 1080 Full HD resolution
  • 4.7 inch iPhone 6 / 5.5 inch (or 5.7 inch) iPhablet (reports say the larger screened device might still carry the iPhone 6 name as well).
  • New design form with no Home Button
  • Gesture Control
  • Touch ID Fingerprint technology
  • Design influence from iPhone 5s and iPod Nano 7th Generation

Tech Radar came out with a YouTube video on their concept for the iPhone 6. Watch and enjoy.

Photo Source: https://www.facebook.com/pages/iPhone-6/509826725795325 ;https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4y6ZAH8c1MM



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Netflix’s gains surged in the first quarter, saying that it had contained the costs and had signed up more international subscribers than predicted. The online video service also said that new U.S.  subscribers may experience a $1 to $2 increase later this quarter.

Increased Rate for New Members Only

This would be the company’s first price hike since 2011 in the U.S, which sparked outrage with an increase of 60 percent. The price increase also follows Amazon’s move this year, increasing the price of its Prime service from $79 to $99 annually. Netflix, who aims to become the world’s first online television network, relies on the U.S for most of its business.

However, the company has set the green light on its plans to expand significantly abroad this year and boost its original programming. Netflix’s strategy not only shows its hunt for fast growth, but also its ambition to be a must – have global TV.

“House of Cards” Gathered Huge Audience in February


Chief Executive Reed Hastings said in his letter to shareholders the strengthening of his rhetoric combination of his desire for no – fee deals that improved Netflix’s ISP network access. Hastings said that the company opposed the merger of Time Warner Cable and ComCast because it is a threat to its business interests.

The letter highlighted the success of “House of Cards” season two. It is Netflix’s plan to use original series as key in becoming a dominant TV network. Shows like the “House of Cards,” which debuted last quarter, and “Orange is the New Black” have been considered as hits. Netflix said the February debut of “House of Cards” gathered a huge audience, but the second season had more viewers than the first.

Europe Expansion Plans

Netflix revealed its plans earlier this year for an expansion in Europe. The company said its international operations are on track to gaining profits this year. However, the expansion plan in Europe will continue to bring loss this year.

The company is projected to gain 940, 000 international members and 520, 000 domestic ones in the second quarter. Hastings said he envisions Netflix reaching 60 to 90 million U.S customers one day. Overall, the company profited over $53.1 million (86 cents/share), compared with last year’s $2.7 million (5 cents/share).

Image Sources:




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Another addition to the Fatal Frame horror series will make its way to Nintendo's console.

Fatal Frame

The series is going to have an additional sequel (but there’s a chance that it won’t have anything to do with the previous games. Much like how the Mask of Lunar Eclipse had no connection with Crimson Butterfly and Tormented).

Tecmo and Koei are working on a new title that will be the next installment of the horror series. The game will be exclusive to Wii U however. This is, however, not a major let down for most fans as Tecmo has already built quite some reputation with sticking with Nintendo. This is quite evident with Fatal Frame IV: Mask Of The Lunar Eclipse and 3DS’ Spirit Camera.

The game’s release date or even the official title was yet to be revealed however.

Tecmo Koei is also expanding the game franchise to different mediums. In the form of a Live Action movie adaptation of the original Fatal Frame game from PlayStation 2,  Ayami Nakajo and Aoi Morikawa will star in the movie and the movie is scheduled for release this coming fall in Japan initially.

An original novel based from the series is also scheduled to be out this coming October. The team who will work behind the novel will be Kadokawa Horror Bunko and Eiji Otsuka.

A comic book is also planned and Kindaichi Case Files writer Shin Kibayashi (known by his pen name Tadashi Agi) will be working on it.

The latest Fatal Frame game (Mask of The Lunar Eclipse) was released exclusively for Wii and was never localized for US. The same thing happened with the remake of Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly. (Also, a Wii exclusive game) The case might be different this time as the Wii U has better chances on having the game localized for US and other countries except Japan.

Image Source: Y2JArmyofficial