Blinded Faith Games of 2010

Every year gaming gets over three hundred titles released. As I get older I have noticed a trend.  As my friend and I get older reviews matter less to them.  In fact there are titles they will buy no matter what reviews say. ( One year they brought Two Worlds based on screenshots and previews alone.)

We all have done it. Brought a game based on tralier, screenshots, previews, box art(more in the genesis game) or studio name. With that in mind…

Here are the Blinded Faith Games of 2010….

God of War 3 – (Reason: Franchise) The name being mention alone brings a warm spot to fans of this series. ( HipHopGamer being the number 1 fan.)  The last of the series  God of War 3 looks to close out what Kratos  once started on the PS2.

Halo: Reach – (Reason: Studio)How do you close out a 3 game contract after which you get to do whatever you want,  Halo: Reach.  While this is Bungie’s last game with the Halo name on it ( Or so they say) Bungie looks to take back the crown it once ruled with a mighty fist.  New Engine,  new look, and squad-based gameplay are all things Halo: Reach is bringing to the table to try take back the crown. 

Irrational Games – (Reason:Studio) -The former 2K Boston, who before was Irrational before becoming 2k Boston, but now back to Irrational Games. (All very confusing)  Ken Levine and his studio have been working on something since their 2007 release of Bioshock.  Based off Bioshock alone whatever they come out with this year, I’m sure I won’t be the only one who will be buying whatever they are working on day one.

Alpha Protocol – (Reason: Genre) Obsidian’s first IP looks to be a gaming changing one. Action RPG as of late have had great games added to the genre. Boderlands and Fallout 3 say hello.  Alpha Protocol  looks to add fully customizable characters, weapons, and story line.  I know people who are ready to buy this game that they already have all the money down on the pre-order.

FFXIII – (Reason: Franchise) People wait years for the release of a FFXIII.  Not just gamers, but developers alike.     Gamers can’t wait for the crazy story lines,  30 minute or more boss battles, and over 40 hours of gameplay that is always promised with FFXIII.  Developers on the other hand can’t wait  so they copy the formula. They say that mimicking is the highest form of flattery. FFXIII will get it Transmorphers just like Transfomers did.Super Mario Galaxy 2 – (Reason: Franchise) No other company has sold more games with one guys name on the front of it.  Even though Activison wants the title of “Biggest franchise ever”  Mario owns it.  While core gamers are looking foward to the next Zelda title.  Mario has cross over appeal.  If it has his name on the box, it will sell to everyone, core gamers and the I buy two games a year and one has to have Mario’s name on it crowd.

Leave a comment to tell us what are your Blinded Faith Games of the year are. 


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