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You won't see this coming from Wolf Among Us

Wolf Among us

If you haven’t heard of “Wolf Among Us” and you consider yourself being a gamer, you must be missing something big. Wolf Among Us is another game from Telltale games, the same producer of the super popular game series, The Walking Dead. But as with all games, Wolf Among Us is not without flaws, but this specific seems-to-be flaw doesn’t look like a bad one though.

It seemed like a bug before because of the utter pointlessness of it with the game and it quickly gained notoriety over the internet. Telltale confirmed, however, that it was not actually a bug, but a fan made modification to to swap some animations with previous episodes. (Specifically episode 2 where there was a woman who was pole dancing. The animation has a striking resemblance to what Bigby was doing with the mod.)

Originally found by Twitter user Josh Sawyer (from Kotaku), the what seems to be bug, shows Bigby engaging into an imaginary and awkwardly sexy pole-dancing action. There certainly is no pole in the scene and to top it all, the actions (or rather, Bigby’s animation) doesn’t match up with the scene by which the developers of the game originally intended it to. But despite that fact, the animation would like a “perfect” fit if you would look and listen to the dialogs in the scene.

“There’s only one thing to take away from all these. Take it easy” and then Bigby starts “dancing” and nobody reacts to what he does. (He even started floating in mid-air).

Just remember what I said, the stitches won’t hold up if you continue to act like you normally doeverything in moderation..” This line gave it away and is downright the most hilarious part of this joke of a mod.

Image Source: YouTube

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US District Judge Denise Cote rejected Apple’s argument that states lack standing in the anti-trust cases filed by state attorneys general accusing Apple of conspiring with book publishers to fix e-book prices.

In a 24-page opinion, Judge Cite said, “Apple appears on the one hand to concede that the states have standing to seek injunctive relief against Apple, but to contest that they have standing to seek damages arising from the same conduct by Apple. Apple fails to explain how this can be so.”

It could be remembered that way back April 2012, the state sued Apple and five (5) book publishers in the US of conspiring to set e-book prices, which is “a radical departure from modern antitrust law and policy” that if allowed to stand as Cote said, “would stifle innovation, chill competition, and harm consumers.”

In addition, the state also accused Apple and the publishers of working together to break Amazon’s hold on the market with its Kindle e-book reader.

Last July 2013, Judge Cote ruled that Apple indeed orchestrated the conspiracy. Cote said, “without Apple’s orchestration of this conspiracy, it would not have succeeded as it did.”

On its appeal, Apple emphasized that they did not end the competition in the e-book market when they entered into it, more so that they “marked the beginning of the competition in the sector.

Moreover, pending appeal, Apple is seeking to remove former Assistant US Attorney and Justice Department Inspector General Michael Bromwich, who was appointed as monitor by Judge Cote to keep an eye on Apple’s compliance with antitrust laws. Apple called this monitoring provision “unprecedented and unconstitutional.”

With Judge Cote’s rejection of Apple’s motion to dismiss means one thing — that attorneys general in 33 states can pursue hundreds of millions of dollars in damages on July trial. Reports said, State attorneys general was seeking $280 million in damages, but asked to make the amount be tripled as the US Judge, District had already “conclusively proven” that Apple had orchestrated the conspiracy.

On the other hand, the five (5) publishers who entered into a settlement and agreed to pay more than $166 million anti-trust charges (leaving Apple behind) are Lagardere SCA’s Hachette Book Group Inc, News Corp’s HarperCollins Publishers LLC, Penguin Group (USA) Inc, CBS Corp’s Simon & Schuster Inc and Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck GmbH’s Macmillan. (Photo courtesy of http://cdn1.appleinsider.com/13.06.19-iBooks.jpg)

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A possible Modern Warfare 4 leak from Drift0r who previously revealed another leak in the past about Call Of Duty: Ghosts.

Modern Warfare 4 Leak

”Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 4′ Gameplay Leak

Youtube user Drift0r has posted a Youtube feature offering a few insights about the future release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 game which is currently under development by Sledgehammer games.

Drift0r was the guy behind the leak of Call Of Duty: Ghosts back in 2013. He’s the same person who revealed the “leak” of the upcoming iteration of Modern Warfare series.

“Somebody from inside the CoD Machine contacted me and wished to leak a lot of information about Sledgehammer’s next Call of Duty game. I saw several media files that included gameplay and game assets. I was given virtually no actual information other than the media files”, Drift0r stated.

He said from what he has seen in this way, Modern Warfare 4 is “extremely surprising”.

“The number one thing I can say is that immediately I realized that this was not going to be a past Call of Duty game. This is not a Vietnam era, a Korean War era, a Cold War era, this is not a World War 2 Call of Duty game. I honestly don’t even think it’s a modern era Call of Duty game, it seems somewhat futuristic. Maybe not quite in the same style as Black Ops, but maybe as if the Modern Warfare series had progressed into the 2020s or early 2030s or something like that.”

It likewise appears the diversion has some staggering visuals as we know the amusement is, no doubt fabricated for the Ps4 and Xbox One first.

“There did seem to be some variety of dynamic lighting and reflections… the light seemed to be properly refracting off of metal things and shiny things and wet things and bouncing around.”

Check the video below to have a slight hint of how Modern Warfare 4 would look like in the future (more or less, as there is a possibility the the developers may push additional updates to the overall looks of the game OR this isn’t from the upcoming game at all.)

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We are not sure if this is some sort of PR stunt, but it is hilarious nonetheless

Yoshida Banned

Just because you’re a popular guy or a president of a multi-million corporation, it does not mean that you aren’t bound to rules, even with the small communities. (In their perspective that is).

One good example of that very fact is Sony’s president, Shuhei Yoshida. In a previous interview with Engadget, Yoshida discusses about the 20 years of Sony’s involvement in the gaming history.

While he was at it, he mentions about him getting banned from Mii Verse (One of Nintendo’s official community.) This did not happen only once. Yoshida was banned twice from MiiVerse. Yoshida thinks that the reasons were valid enough, somehow, so it is not as if Nintendo was being biased about banning the Sony guy for being the head of one of their competitors.

“The first time was because I had my Twitter account in my profile and that’s against the rules. The second time is because I wrote, ‘I love PS.’ You’re not supposed to promote a commercial product in MiiVerse, so they correctly interpreted ‘PS’ as ‘PlayStation.”

This was not the first time that Yoshida talked about the Wii U. Way back October 2013, he also mentioned about having two Wii U consoles in his home and he plays them regularly. (He has a Japanese and US Wii U.) Just with the same year, Yoshida also defended Wii U by stating that the platform is just getting started. It’s a good change of pace when you see executives own a major product that came from one of its competitors and no, he has no intention of exploiting it at all. (Unlike what happened to Bill Gates’ daughters, being banned for owning an Apple product.) He just wants to play them like normal consumers would and because he is a long-time fan of Nintendo ever since. Kudos to you Yoshida!

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Intel is looking to aggressively expand its tablet market share. Since Windows devices aren’t gaining the traction they are looking for, they are now looking to get more and more Android devices to be powered by their chips.

According to CEO Brian Krzanich, Intel hopes to see its processors used in 40 million tablets this year, and 80 to 90 percent of those tablets will be running Google’s Android OS. It’s a fact that the Android platform has captured the majority of the tablet market in comparison to other OSes, and it is the best possible candidate that Intel is looking for to boost their sales.

The majority of Intel powered tablets uses Clover Trail+ or the older Medfield chips. The latest Atom processor, Bay Trail is expected to ship together with more Android tablets later in the quarter.

Even if a lot of the new Intel tablets will run on Android, that doesn’t mean that Intel has severed ties with Microsoft or Windows. They are just going with the current trend to capture the market. They even foresee that Windows will grow and gain more traction in the near future and those devices will still use the same Intel processors. There is an upcoming massive Computex trade show in Taipei this coming June and Intel based tablets showcasing both Android and Windows will be featured.

Intel is looking to get a bigger bite at the tablet market share that is currently being dominated by ARM, a UK company whose chips are most commonly used in tablets today for both Android and iOS. Since they’re playing catch up, Intel is even providing discounts and development funds to various tablet makers to try to reduce the cost of using their chips. They are also trying to tap into white-box Chinese tablet makers, which are expected to ship up to 130 million tablets for this year.

Intel also has some major updates for this coming year. Some of which include Cherry Trail, the successor of the Bay Trail chips packed with better specs for better efficiency, as well as Sofia, a mobile chip which already has a 3G modem built in.

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out for Intel as well as the tablet market in general.

Photo Source: Intel Facebook page

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Android KitKat 4.4 has rolled out for almost all current-gen Android devices, including the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. That’s saying something right there since carriers and manufacturers (especially Samsung) are notably late and inconsistent when it comes to device updates. Usually, if people want to get their hands on the newest Android version, they get it from the newest and most high-end Android device as well.

Or get the most current Nexus.

Lots of people are wondering when the Android 4.4.3 KitKat release date for Galaxy Note 3 is coming up. Take note that this isn’t just because it’s the newest version of Android; it’s mostly because of that horrid bug that Android 4.4.2 introduced into phones all over the world. If you run on 4.4.2, you’ll notice that your battery drains even more quickly than before. Why?

There’s a current bug that forces certain apps to access your camera. These apps could be anything from Skype to Facebook and unless you have the patience to close your camera app every minute or so, you’re going to have to put up with increased battery drain. That’s why a lot of people, especially Note 3 owners who already have to deal with shortened battery thanks to their large screens, are avidly waiting for the fix.

The bad news is that Android KitKat 4.4.3 release date for Galaxy Note 3 isn’t known yet. The good news is that it’s already being tested and deployed to Google Nexus developer units, as some websites have noticed from their access logs. So don’t fret, the fix is coming your way, possibly in the next few weeks. Just check periodically using Settings > About > Software Updates > Check for software update on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

As of the moment, Android KitKat 4.4.2 users do have a lot of improvements over Jellybean, so the bug isn’t the only feature of the update. Here are some of the current features of Android 4.4.2 KitKat that you most probably have on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3:

  • Google Hangouts for centralized messaging.

Now, all your Google messages and text messages are under the Hangouts app.

  • Ok, Google.

Voice commands are easier to use on KitKat than on iOS 7.1. Swipe up the home softkey to go to Google Now and say “Ok, Google,” then your command to use voice control on your Android phone.

  • Album covers and art stream on the screen.

Whenever you’re listening to music, album art and covers are put up as a slideshow behind the screens.

  • Android phones now support full screen viewing.

Readers and media players can now show video without bars and menus.

  • Faster performance.

Google continues to optimize performance on their devices.

  • New dialer app.

Dialing contacts and sifting through numbers is much easier now.

  • Better caller ID.

You can now know who’s calling you even if it’s an unknown number. Android looks for possible matches based on listings online.

  • More emoticons.

Messaging addicts are given more cute emoticons to use.

  • Cloud printing now available.

With the right apps and hardware around you, you can now print using Cloud Print or special HP printers.


photo from: http://www.samsung.com/us/mobile/cell-phones/SM-N900VWDEVZW