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Tips on how to unlock the CS5 Sniper Rifle in Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth.

Battlefield 4 Dragons’ Teeth gave players access to four new multiplayer maps and a batch of new weapons, and we have already covered most of them. And now, let us continue on that trend with the new CS5 Sniper Rifle. We are going to tell you how you’ll be able to unlock it, and in addition, we’ll tell you how to properly use this bad boy.

This assignment will not prove very difficult, well, as long as you don’t mind doing a little sniping. Before starting the assignment, you must own a Dragon’s Teeth DLC first, play one round on any Dragon’s Teeth map and reach the rank of 10. However, that’s only the easy part. The more challenging part is completing the tasks to unlock the CS5 Sniper Rifle, and here is what you need to do.

  • Acquire 2 Sniper Rifle Ribbons
  • Acquire 10 Radio Beacon Spawns
  • Get 20 Spot Assists

Getting 2 Sniper Rifle Ribbons is much more difficult than the other two tasks in this assignment, well if you are not fond of using those weapons. If that is the case, then it would be wise to just bang this one out in Team Deathmatch. You must use an ACOG scope, and if you can, use the Canted Ironsights. When you spawn, quickly switch to Canted Ironsights by default, and just run around like you normally would. If you find yourself a target at a long distance, switch to your ACOG and blow his brains out by landing a headshot. You need to kill 6 enemies using a Sniper Rifle in a round to acquire one ribbon, so this task would not take too long to accomplish. Now, for the two final tasks. Well, this should be quite easy, as  it can happen naturally if you manage to deploy a Radio Beacon from the Recon class, and spot every target that you will be able to see.

Now that the CS5 Sniper Rifle is your hands, you should try to use it on smaller game modes like Domination and Team Deathmatch. But if ever you’re crazy enough to use it on Conquest Large, go for the Dragon’s Teeth DLC or maps like Operation Metro. We advise you to use the CS5 Sniper Rifle in an urban setting because this is where it is intended to be used.


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Can’t get enough of your favorite celebrity? Maybe there’s a celebrity app out there to quench your Hollywood withdrawal!

Unless you’ve undergone a tech holiday these past few weeks, or you’ve been living under a rock, you probably already heard about the new mobile app bearing Kim Kardashian’s name (by that we mean brand). Her app is said to be on track to earn $ 85 million this year! Well, due to today’s growing tech savvy population, developers are squabbling to partner with a famous personality and make a celebrity app of their own, or vice versa.

To address that issue, er, topic, we’ve rounded up the best celebrity apps out there (or just “popular,” if you’re not comfortable describing them as “good”) to guide you in finding that most needed dose of Hollywood glamor.

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Download: Android / iOS

Those who already have this celebrity app think that it’s sort of a toned-down version of The Sims. The app is narrated by Kim Kardashian herself and lets you guide your customizable avatar throughout Beverly Hills and Hollywood. It allows you to answer Kim’s calls, go on dates, organize photo shoots, and of course, shop for shoes, clothes, etc. You can make your avatar an A-list star by upgrading it continuously — but that requires a lot of in-app purchases (translated to: Kardashian millions).


Kiss Justin Bieber

Download: Android / iOS

As the name suggests, this celebrity app lets you meet the famous teen pop singer, spend holidays with him, and kiss him (wink). You can play songs right from the app and speed them up or slow them down according to your preferences. Whatever you do, you must keep Bieber interested so you can achieve that sought-after “Mrs. Bieber” status. That’s it Beliebers, enjoy!


Social Gaga

Download: Android / iOS

The “mother monster” also has her own celebrity app for all her little monsters (a.k.a. fans). It’s called Social Gaga and it includes info, concert schedules, and tons of photos depicting the pop singer in all her weird but so-called artistic style. Definitely one of the main features of the app is its comment board, where other fans can get to chat with each other.


Gordon Ramsay Cook With Me HD

Download: iOS

One of Hollywood’s most famous celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay appears in shows like Ramsay’s Kitchen, Hell’s Kitchen, and MasterChef. Ramsay boasts of more than a dozen Michelin stars for his restaurants. With his app called “Gordon Ramsay Cook With Me HD,” you can follow his culinary endeavors. The app has several recipes that includes video tutorials; those can be filtered according to difficulty, ingredient, time, and season.


Style Thief

Download: iOS

Released just weeks ago, Style Thief is an app from model and actress Kate Bosworth. This celebrity app functions similarly to Shazam, but for clothing, shoes, and accessories of course. With the app, you can take a picture (or choose from your gallery) of a pair of shoes or an article of clothing and the app will tell you where to buy a similar item. But be prepared for all the expensive suggestions!


Photo Credit:  Google Play / App Store

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Once upon a time, “free-to-play” was a term that was next to incorrigible in gaming. There was a time when games were exploited, using this guise as a reason to get you to buy. Yeah, it’s free-to-play, but in that form, it was horrible as hell. Then they tell you you’d be better off buying the full version of the game, something that happens quite frequently today. You do get the drift.

However, there are moments when in the gaming world, your faith in humanity gets restored. It happens occasionally, but when it happens, it’s nothing short of a miracle. Every now and then a free-to-play game comes out of the woodwork that actually plays the way it was intended, and we get treated to a treat, like early Christmas in July, or something like that.

In this list are games that are so good, you’d think you should’ve paid for it just to play it. Or you could have paid the developer, even if the game was definitely free, and you’re playing it because it’s free. These are free-to-play games that are actually real good games.


image courtesy of

image courtesy of

What started out as a modded map for WarCraft 3 has turned out to become such a big game, it can stand-alone. And stand-alone it did, with a 2nd version spawning one of the biggest e-tournaments in recent history. To think that the competition had a prize pool of 10 million dollars speaks of the enormity of this game.

In this game, you pick a hero which will fight it out against another hero. You are a member of a five-man team, and you’re competing to bring down the opposing enemy base by using tactics and skills to defeat your enemy and their minions.



A collectible card game based on the WarCraft universe, Hearthstone plays very much like Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon. You start out with a standard deck, and you have to build it up to become an effective deck that can duke it out with others. While it does have a system for purchasing cards, some of the in-game reward cards are effective enough that you don’t really have to pay a lot just to build a really good deck.


PlanetSide 2

image courtesy of

image courtesy of

It’s a massively multiplayer online first-person shooter. However, it can also be summed up as a virtual battlefield, because you’re all trying to conquer an entire planet and only one gets to control it all at one time, or at least, large portions of it.

The game lets you choose one of three factions at the start. You can either be an authoritarian Terran, a freedom-loving New Conglomerate trooper, or a Vanu Sovereignty warrior. You are given the task of taking over territory along with hundreds upon hundreds of teammates. It does sound like a triple AAA game, the only difference being it’s free-to-play.


War Thunder

This is a game that’s set in the unforgiving times of World War II. It’s a flight sim where you play and battle against dozens of other players in the same map. It’s got a real steep learning curve, though, slapping new players with wait times and resource limits. However, if you get past this, you can easily play through it without even paying for anything. A recent addition placed tanks for you to control, and you’ve got air and ground warfare going on at all time. Did we mention it also has support for the Oculus Rift headset?


Star Wars: The Old Republic

image courtesy of

image courtesy of

Here’s a head-on spoiler: this particular Star Wars title is not the same Star Wars: The Old Republic you may have already played. And it’s also got a restriction on free-to-play accounts, such as not being able to sprint for the first ten levels. Now that that’s out of the way, despite this absurdity, the semi-single player campaigns are actually real good. And then, there are the Force powers. You can never go wrong with the Force.

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Beginners guide on how to survive early in the game in 7 Days to Die

Are you new to this game? Don’t know how to survive that first night in 7 Days to Die? Here in this guide I will give you some tips on how to get passed that first day when playing Single player (or SP) mode. Just keep in mind that the main focus of 7 Days to Die is how good you are when it comes to searching for resources and such. Fast fingers and a Good aim is just a plus.

Here is the first thing you have to do if you are playing 7 Days to Die for the first time.

SP setup1 SP setup2

You must adjust your settings first, just like what I did on this photo or you can add a few options here and there for your own preference.

Once you are in game you must gather these 3 important items.

For sharp stones

Pick up this stone and craft it to make sharp stones

Tall grass to fibers

Attack this grass and grab the loot to make plant fibers

Attack this until you destroy it to get stick or sticks, depends on how large the branch is.

Destroy this branch to get sticks

(NOTE: for sticks, you can also use aged wood > plank > sticks. The idea here is to put the item in the middle if you are only going to craft a single piece with any combinations. See picture.)

When you are done grab the plank and put it in the middle just like what you did here.

When you are done grab the plank and put it in the middle just like what you did here. Please see Note.

That is your other method when you want to create sticks.

Now once you’ve gathered all of it put the stone in the middle of your crafting window and craft it to become a sharp stone. Same goes for the tall grass to plant fiber.

When everything is complete it is now time for your first tool/weapon in the game. See picture below for the recipe.

1st tool.wepon


See? Now that wasn’t so hard was it? Once you’re done, gather all the supplies you can get and I mean EVERYTHING that you can get. If you manage to find cans and car parts, craft them so that you’ll have scrap iron for your first melee weapon. Here is the recipe for that.

1st melee weapon


Use it when there are 2-3 zombies around and are not close together, but be very careful when approaching them, always use crouch for stealth. When there are 3 or more I suggest you switch to a range weapon, don’t use a gun though if you manage to find one. Conserve every bullet you can get.

I will show you here how to make your first range weapon and actually my ONLY preferred range weapon in game, the silent crossbow just like Daryl Dixon. Yep he is my favorite character lol.

1st range weapon


Never use your tools for killing zombies. I know you can craft more of them but if you really want to make this game more realistic, I suggest you stick with weapons for killings and  tools for buildings. There is also a durability indicator for every weapon/tools/armor you got. You can see it at the top of your mini map right beside the damage % . (NOTE: about the damage %, full stamina = 100%, just so you know)

Got your tool? Check! Melee weapon? Check! Range weapon? Check! Alright now we must find a safe place to camp for the night. Be extra careful when approaching a camp or town. Just like this one.

too many zombies


There are actually 5 of them on that picture and 3 more showed up when I was luring them out of that camp. Once you have successfully lured them out, go and search inside and grab everything you can. (NOTE: Important things that you MUST find here in 7 Days to Die are rocks, sticks, feathers, as they are the recipe for your crossbow bolts, see picture below)

ammo for crossbow


When you see a town nearby don’t just rush in, try to find a high place to scout the area and see if you can manage to wipe all zombies there.

your decision


In this case, don’t even try to attempt going inside that town. Just go and look for other ones that don’t have that many walkers. Can’t find one? Okay let’s just make a trench with spikes in it and hope for the best.

spikes for defense


Now set everything up just like this or your preferred style for defense.



Don’t forget to put an exit in case things go south. Just use your melee weapon if there are zombies that get through your spike walls.

The reason why I made it small is because it’s hard to defend a large area when you are alone and besides, this is just temporary. Playing smart is the key, here in 7 Days to Die.

There you have it! You just have to wait for the sun to rise and find a much better place for you to stay.

I hope you enjoyed reading this guide for 7 Days to Die thank you and leave a comment.


Photos taken by me

Credits to the creators of 7 Days to Die

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Here’s the thing that gamers are quite shy about: rage-quitting. It’s the stuff that gets you a one-way ticket to a lifetime of bashing on one or many of the forums on the Internet. It’s not a thing to be ashamed about, but it does get you at the worst of times. It’s like something that you cannot really control, most especially if you’re controlling a character that the game says is the strongest.

So why does it happen? Well, it’s not something in the mind, apparently, but it’s because of something that you fail to control. It’s more a situation where the game is too difficult or the controls just aren’t responding the way you want them, and there you go: you destroy your controller promptly out of frustration, or you leave the game, if you’re playing something like Dota 2 or Heroes of Newerth.

Let us treat you to a trip down Rage-quit Avenue. You might be familiar with these games and the situations described, because, in your own personal gaming hell, you might’ve experienced them:

That Ornstein and Smough Double-team (Dark Souls)

Have you ever tried fighting these guys? Seriously, if the game developer was thinking of ways on how they can make players frustrated enough with their game, this was it. As if one boss that spawns annoying minions wasn’t enough, they decided to add another equally difficult boss to fight against.

That Ninja Gaiden Tutorial Level

This was a game that was responsible for people not wanting to play the Xbox anymore. Well, that might not be true, but the version of this available for the Xbox was so difficult, a lot of people thought about trying to short their Xbox just to get back at it. Things got so serious that the developer set about re-developing the game just so they could make the difficulty options easier.

That Djinn (Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception)

At first glance, you might think they’re another minion that can be easily beaten. Up until the time when you get stunned, then they turn into a walking fireball. Okay, you can maybe hit them as retaliation…if only they weren’t teleporting around so much. Oh, and they revive themselves? Splendid. Can you please wait a moment while I promptly smash my console into oblivion?

That Moment when Aeris Dies (Final Fantasy VII)

Oh, will you stop it with that look? It’s one of the games where, admit it or not, you were in tears. Heck, even your 17 year old brother would tease you if he saw you, but he did get all emotional alone in his bedroom when he thought about it. Just the view of Sephiroth burying Masamune into Aeris’ chest was enough for us to cry foul, mainly because Aeris didn’t deserve it, dammit!

That Moment when You Forgot To Save After Dying to a Boss

You’re in the final stages of that game you’ve wanted to play since it was announced. Yes, you probably would love to finish it now, but you died. Oh well, you reset, and you look for the non-existent save that you should’ve probably made in the first place. Thank you, game. Now you’re going to sit in the shelves for all eternity.

Survival Horror is a genre best described to induce fear, dread and isolation to the player. One great facet of this genus is the scarcity in armaments, ammunition and healing items, gamers are coerced to conserve on precious resources while managing to stay alive.

Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Dead Rising, Fatal Frame and The Last of Us are the ideal examples of this genre. All of which tend to scare, intimidate and shock audiences from all walks of life. With that said, I give you four of the most terrifying horror games of 2014. Enjoy!


You take control of Sebastian Castellanos, an indomitable detective embroiled in an unfortunate series of events. Dispatched to investigate a grisly mass murder, Sebastian and his crew find themselves trapped in a spooky manor. The innocuous mission goes terribly amiss when his comrades are suddenly ambushed by a malevolent presence.

Sebastian is forced to witness the heinous onslaught. To make things worse, the flabbergasted private investigator is knocked unconscious when a mysterious figure whacks him from out of nowhere. The game begins in a blood-stained storage room with him hanging upside down and all tied up. Your main objective in the game is to uncover the truth behind the outlandish massacres and survive the sickening ploy.


You assume the role of a lone survivor in a direful plane crash. After gaining consciousness from the catastrophe, you immediately uncover the impious secrets of the mystical woods and its inimical inhabitants. As the vulnerable player, you are incessantly compelled to fend off a throng of indigenous threats that saunter the creepy forest. In addition, you must shrewdly craft items and other survival tools available at your disposal to create reliable weapons and much needed gear. Gather food in the woodlands and build your own shelter to protect yourself from the ravenous tribe.


From the creators of the Dead Island Franchise comes another unnerving tale of human subsistence. As the fearless protagonist, you must traverse a city over-run by flesh-eating zombies. Make use of your environment to stack up on weaponry ranging from a shabby baseball bat to a powerful pistol. Fight hordes of the undead as you make your way out of the infected zone. Survive till sunrise as you embark on a dubious expedition to obliterate the gangrenous populace.


Set in 2137, you play as Amanda, the canny daughter of Ellen Ripley from the Alien franchise. Your primary task in the game is to investigate Sevastopol, an abandoned Space Station inhabited by bellicose alien life forms. Follow the daring exploit of a lone space marine in her boundless quest to locate her missing mother.

Image Source: Screenshot from YouTube