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A month has passed since developer Codemasters has revealed the upcoming updates for GRID Autosport. It appears that the first of the mini-expansion DLCs...

Pirate Bash

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One look at the new game released on iTunes last August 21st and you will strongly see the strong resemblance of Pirate Bash to...

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Is Jean-Claude Van Damme going to be next Chuck Norris? Well, it appears that JCVD is challenging Chuck, again. This time, the stunt will...

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Age of Empires is a classic game that lets the player step into the shoes of an ancient conqueror. Conquering enemies and expanding the...

Free PC (Image Credit to

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Microsoft will give you a free PC, but there’s a catch, according to this announcement. You just need to subscribe to TalkTalk’s SimplyBroadband in...

Rice Bucket Challenge

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The first time I have heard of the rice bucket challenge, I really thought that rice will be poured over the participant (or the...